Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cruel Queen of Horse Slaughter Suffers Bout of Paranoia

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Feels the Heat of the Truth

Wyoming State Rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis (left) and sidekick Dave Duquette (right) ~ photo courtesy of Scummit of the Horse
Sue Wallis, the fanatical leader of a small, fringe pro-horse slaughter group has publicly admitted that she is beginning to feel “paranoid” due to the heat she and partner Dave Duquette are feeling over supporting a move to derail a bill, SB 356, which is aimed at outlawing the cruel and inhumane practice of “horse tripping” in the state of Nevada.  Their barbaric banter has raised the ire of horse owners across the country on more than just this occasion but their intentions are made clear with this latest effort to endorse and support the cruel treatment of horses in Nevada.
“Sometimes it feels like we are being attacked from every direction – at the risk of sounding paranoid – the fact is, we are.” states renegade Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis in a communique to her handful of followers.
“Now is the time for every horse person who has any hope of raising their children and grandchildren in a horseback culture…any chance of making a living with the animals we all love…we have to stand together. We have to remain vigilant. And we have to be much more pro-active than we have ever been before.” says Wallis regarding the proposed legislation to ban this cruel practice that is alive and well, covertly, in many western states.
“AN ACT relating to cruelty to animals; prohibiting a person from engaging in horse tripping for enjoyment, entertainment, competition or practice; prohibiting a person from knowingly organizing, sponsoring, promoting, overseeing or receiving admission money for a horse tripping event; repealing a requirement that any ordinance passed by a board of county commissioners creating an offense relating to horse tripping must impose a criminal penalty for the offense; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.”
Wallis and Duquette have championed past causes that have rained down shame and embarrassment upon their families, communities, states and nation in the past.  From their continued efforts to bring predatory and bloody horse slaughter to their respective states, to boycotting about every professional horseman and celebrity in the U.S. to even attempting to stop the Mustang Monument float from appearing in the Rose Bowl parade, these two are a dastardly duo of deception, bar none, and need to be exposed for the self-serving phonies that they are.
In a recent Equine Welfare Alliance press release Vice President Vick Tobin states,
““They are misleading the public with false information and trying to scare people into opposing the legislation. This is not an attack on rodeos or a first step to anything. It is a bill designed to end the cruel, dangerous treatment of horses as was the ban on horse soring.”

United Horsemeat
The press release goes on to clarify that Wallis and Duquettes’ horse slaughter front organization “United Horseman” in a recent  email to its supporters, provides a list of invalid talking points that are an insult to the public’s intelligence and a disservice to American rodeos. The group claims that the Charro Rodeo Association voluntary banned horse tripping in 1995 when in fact, they were forced to do so by a 1994 law, AB 49x – a law that was not spearheaded by the HSUS.
In her latest, paranoid email Wallis adds a little piece from an alleged resident of Nevada that gives the information on how to contact the Nevada Senate Natural Resource Committee:
SB364 has been referred to the Senate Natural Resources Committee where it will be debated. The time-frame is unknown due to the fact that when a bill is brought up for debate is a committee chairman’s decision; however, I would urge people to contact members of the committee expressing your feelings on the proposed legislation.  E-mail addresses are as follows:
John Jay Lee –
Mark Manendo, Chair –
David Parks –
Michael Roberson –
Dean Rhoads –
Another neat way to voice your opinions on any legislation in the current sessions was recently brought to my attention. Go to this website and follow the directions. It is super easy. (FYI: Madeline Pickens instructed her followers on her Facebook page to use her Wells, NV address when submitting comments. Then they look like Nevada constituents!!) Try it, you’ll like it. Don’t sit on your hands, take action, don’t wait for someone else to do it.  Remember people, Confucious say: ” Man who sit on hands has no leg to stand on.”(or something to that effect. lol)
That little (lol) just turns your stomach, doesn’t it?
There is nothing funny about promoting and prolonging animal cruelty, nor is endorsing and making one’s lifetime goal to be that of building a horse slaughter plant.  It is sick, grotesque, perverted and without morals.
The preceding paragraph was not written by an animal radical, terrorist or activist but by an average, taxpaying American citizen who is appalled at the reckless use of press and media to endorse and support cruelty and  suffering to animals and humans of any kind, shape or fashion.
It’s time for these two social outcasts to crawl back under the slimy rocks that they emerged  from because we are going to continue to shine the bright spotlight of truth and honesty on them every time they open their twisted mouths.
Not only are we not going away, we are getting stronger and when you have the wind of honesty on your back, your opponents cannot win in any race.
Wallis and Duquette, we are watching you and we are watching you very closely.
For the sake of the future welfare of American equines,

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