Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012.12.22 Updated Slaughter Stats & Website changes

Today's News

Just disgusting. Mexico is up 62% over last year, Canada is down 3% and Japan is up 867%.

Overall, 33% more horses were slaughtered than this time last year.

If you haven't been over to our website lately, I've moved a few things to make it easier to find information.

At the top of the horse slaughter page is a running recap of the attempted opening of horse slaughter plants with links to the source information. The slaughter stats are below the plant info.

We added a page for horse meat food safety information. The regulations are at the top followed by published white papers and studies, then EU reports and recalls and lastly, articles by investigative reporters and journalists - key word investigative!

There is a page for John's PowerPoint presentations, PSAs and other hand-outs that were developed for specific initiatives. 

Other news:

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