Saturday, January 19, 2013

Catching up on the News

The Associated Press: Federal judge lifts ban on Nevada horse roundup

2013.01.11 TRO lifted & touching video

Wild Horse Sanctuary Report Made Public | Horse Back Magazine

Prebbleton Horses Walked Into Water To Escape Fire... |

LV Senator Calls for Sanctuaries for Wild Horses in Nevada « Straight from the Horse's Heart

Petition | Governor Brian Sandoval: make a wildlife reserve to save Nevada's horses from slaughter |

New Hampshire Youth First “Junior” Equine Welfare Ambassador for ASPCA « Straight from the Horse's Heart

Controversy Stirs Over BLM Selling Wild Horses « Straight from the Horse's Heart

Department of the Interior Needs an Inspector General – Now « Straight from the Horse's Heart

BBC News - Horsemeat found in beef burgers on sale in UK and Ireland

Breaking News: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to leave cabinet position in March « Straight from the Horse's Heart

Gather Reports

A few pieces for the new wild horse “troops” | WHE Blog

Horsemeat Scandal Raises Ethical Questions about Slaughtering Horses | Horse Back Magazine

UK Burger Factory at a Standstill after MORE Horse Meat is Found in Food Chain « Straight from the Horse's Heart

Terrified horses beaten and killed by sick slaughtermen - Mirror Online

Russia bans meat from ractopamine-treated animals

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