Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Health risks not consumers’ first concern in horse-meat scandal - News -

Farmers' warning: Flygrazing horses smuggled for meat, union fears - Mirror Online

Radical overhaul looms for British horse passport system - News -

Michael Markarian: Animals & Politics: Horsemeat Scandal Illustrates Need for Federal Action

Vets call for action in new horsemeat scandal | Habitat For Horses | Horse Rescue | Adopt a Horse

Kits to test for horse meat available in under 3 months - News -

EWA/WHFF Houston Horse Meat Connection Gains Major Media Attention | Straight from the Horse's Heart

Carson residents offer to fence out wild horses; BLM says that won't work | Mostly Dogs

Horse Slaughter OK'd In OK - Farm Progress

Infographic Shows Horsemeat Stats, Scandal Timeline | Food Safety News

Ikea Removing Sausages From European Stores After Horse Meat Detected « CBS DC

After meatballs, Ikea withdraws sausages - Houston Chronicle

Horse meat scandal hits Alberta | 660News

Horsemeat scandal and global processed food suppliers linked to arms trafficking | Habitat For Horses | Horse Rescue | Adopt a Horse

KUNA : Why horse meat scandal in Europe concerns Muslim worl - Health - 17/02/2013

Alberta being affected by horse meat scandal | Home | Calgary Sun

Horse meat shipped through Houston | News - Home

Horse Meat Passes Through Texas, Advocacy Groups Say -

Potential for horse-meat to enter US food supply - HSUS - News -

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