Sunday, May 5, 2013

SFTHH: Horse Hilarity on Video

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Posted: May 5, 2013 by R.T. Fitch in The Force of the Horse
“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday‘ and what better way to share our equine sense of humor but with a few videos.  We will get you started with several that all of us have seen in the back pasture in one way shape or form and then give you the means to explore for more laughter and chuckles.  Watching the videos will also get you primed for our upcoming week of highlighting key presentations recorded at last weekend’s American Equine Advocate’ Convention.  Each speaker and presenter gives specific tools and information to help build the audience’s tool box to battle against those who wish to bring harm to our American equine, be they wild or domestic so stay tuned, it promises to be an interesting week, indeed.” ~ R.T

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