Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Angel for the Wild Horses and Burros

[I knew Garnet. She will be sorely missed.]

Run free, Garnet.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

A testimonial by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
In Loving Memory of Garnet Pasquale
In Loving Memory of Garnet Pasquale
Thanks to many for the photos of Garnet
The day started out as many others; up early, check email, write for the blog, hay the horses, let out the dog, feed the cats, make a pot of coffee, chat with Terry to plan the day…it was a typical Monday morning until an email popped up on the computer screen with the subject line; “Garnet is in Trouble”, all bets were then off.
Long time wild horse and burro advocate, Garnet Pasquale born June 19th 1945, carried her fight for the safety of the horses across the bridge, yesterday, January 27th, 2014.  A shock to many of us as respectable and proper Garnet did not make her physical struggles public nor did she draw upon public sentiment for sympathy and support.
My heart is heavy with the loss of a friend, a sister in the fight and someone who was known to kick me in the ass when I got out of line.  Just typing these words causes my eyes to blur with tears but another part of me knows that Garnet was too strong, too dedicated and too loving to go quietly into the night; she still walks amongst us and gives us strength.
Garnet set the standard, she raised the bar on being an advocate and she put her money where her mouth was…she is my idol.  No drama, no whining, no BS, it was all about the horses or nothing at all, we are blessed for having known her.
Many thanks to Arlene Gawne and the members of America’s Wild Horse Advocates for being there for Garnet and for carrying our parting messages to her before she crossed the bridge.  Thanks and blessings to her family for accepting our presence during the passing of Garnet’s spirit…and to Garnet, I leave you with these words:
“Garnet, you have been a mentor and teacher to me.  When I have stepped out of line you have been like a big sister who has whipped her little brother back into place, and I have always listened.  You have done so much, as a leader, to help the horses and your current struggle only empowers me further to see our mutual fight come to a favorable conclusion.
I am in this war because I made a promise to a horse who crossed the bridge, now I make the same pledge to you;  We will NOT give up or step aside from the battle to save our wild equines from extinction nor will we rest until horse slaughter is forever banished from this great land.  I pledge to you, Garnet, that I will never, ever, deviate from our mutual objective.
And above all, Garnet…please rest assured that many, many of us love you dearly.  I am sorry that I am not there to hold your hand, but I hold you in my heart and will forever do so.  I love you Garnet…please keep me between the white lines, I will be counting on you to continue to do so well into the future when we will ultimately meet again.  The thought of you being there, working for the horses and waiting for me brings great comfort.  We love you Garnet.”

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