Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Elko, NV To Donate $10K To Fund Wild Horse Slaughter Suit

Straight from the Horse's Heart

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“BLM wants, and has coached, the plaintiffs to sue…”

8272-200x164-Skull_gunsLovely, little Elko, Nevada has announced, according to a recent AP story, that the county will donate $10,000 to a law suit that was brought forward in December by the Nevada Association of Counties and the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation against the BLM charging that the well-known federal grazing and special interest agency is not doing its job and should round up ALL of the federally protected wild horses and burros and send them to slaughter along with the 55,000+ captured horses forced into confinement in contracted long term holding.
Ain’t that just so darn sweet and dandy.
For the past several years the BLM has been stacking their Advisory Board and multiple committees with horse hating special interest representatives ranging from hunting, grazing and horse slaughter proponents and it has been done while our eyes have been wide open and staring in disbelief.
Likewise, the BLM has been spending millions upon millions of dollars using helicopters to terrorize and capture wild horses and burros that could be better managed on the range, at virtually no expense, but that would not help to establish the artificial emergency they want to create by stuffing captured horses into every nook and cranny of available holding while screaming; ”OH, LOOK, we have no more room and housing the horses is costing too much…let’s sell all of them, (drum roll) to SLAUGHTER!”
That’s plan “A” and the BLM has been in the rancher’s ears whispering this garbage and is willing to take a dent on this suit so that it can PROVE that the horses have to go.
Plan “B” will be to use the draught as a reason to finish off the last of the wild horses and burros in Nevada, the handwriting is already on the wall.
The dark political forces that are the engine that drives the BLM may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but they certainly are single mindedly persistent, I will give them that; but they have missed one very large gaping hole in their plan, they have miscalculated and under-estimated the positive power and tenacity of the American public.
We are not going away nor are we going to throw up our hands and call it quits, it’s just not in our blood to allow this federal grazing agency to destroy an American icon.
In fact, these Bozos don’t realize that the more that they stir the pot with misinformation, propaganda, bad math and junk science the more (i.e. many) people it draws to the advocacy and that means more eyes on their lunacy, corruption and fraud.
In a nutshell, the BLM is going to poke that sleeping dragon just one too many times and it is going to be  more than just their eyebrows that are  singed when the dragon steps up to the plate to play ball with a vengeance…it just ain’t gonna be pretty.

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