Monday, March 17, 2014

UPDATE: Canada’s horse slaughter industry under fire

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WATCH ABOVE: 16X9 investigates how a lack of regulation in Canada’s horse meat industry may be putting the public’s health at risk
Two weeks after a 16×9 report raised questions about the safety and oversight of the Canadian horse meat industry, it appears a major Swiss grocery chain is pulling horse meat from its shelves.
According to Swiss newspaper “The Local”, Denner, which has 580 stores in Switzerland, announced it would not sell horse meat until new certification systems to trace the history of horse meat were introduced, as well as new measures that conform with Swiss animal protection laws.
It’s the second time in the last two years Denner has committed to stop selling the meat. Last February, the investigative program “Kassensturz” produced a nationally televised report with undercover footage showing emaciated, sick and injured animals passing through the Canadian slaughter pipeline, bound for Europe. Denner stopped offering horse meat as a result, but resumed sales shortly after.
Switzerland is a major market for horse meat, importing more than two tonnes from Canada in 2012, which netted more than $22 million dollars in revenue for Canadian slaughterhouses.
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