Friday, April 18, 2014

Blame BLM Chief Neil Kornze, period

Habitat for Horses

From: The Las Vegas Review Journal
By: Sherman Frederick
Blame needs to placed all the way up to the top. Harry Reid pushed for Kornze to get the position and the nod was given all the way up to the Obama Administration. Talk about bungled! A “free speech” area will inflame anyone to anger. And it looks bad on the news. They should have just gone in and enforced the laws – quickly and be done with it. Instead it was mishandled and made to look like our government turns tail and flees from wealthy conservative ranchers. Mr. President – what are you going to do about this? ~ HfH
The Bundy hypocrisy fest
"Free Speech" zone during the Bundy confrontation
“Free Speech” zone during the Bundy confrontation
Let me start by saying that any kid from Elko gets a point from me. Right out of the chute.
So when Neil Kornze was appointed the new director of the Bureau of Land Management by the U.S. Senate, he got no guff from me or anyone in Nevada that I know of.
Some senators thought he was too young. But he worked for Sen. Harry Reid and that was enough to gain confirmation.
“Neil is just perfect for this position,” Reid said. “Raised in Elko, NV, Neil really understands the role of public lands in rural America, and natural resources across the West.”
Less than 14 days later, Kornze led a spectacularly botched roundup of “undocumented” cattle in Bunkerville. He charged in all Gen. Custer-like to the rural Nevada community, trying to enforce a federal order to stop rancher Cliven Bundy from grazing his cattle in the area without paying grazing fees.
Knowing he would encounter protesters, he even created a First Amendment area, which was not only unconstitutional it served to only aggravate matters.

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