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Two More Wild Horses Killed; BLM Goes Silent

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Wild Horse Shootings Swept Under the Rug?

Dead HorseMay 14, 2014
Emails from 2 BLM employees:
 1)    Winnemucca confirms they have been investigating:
“We have been investigating the two horses killed along Highway 447, MM 49, for the past week. Doing a lot of outreach with the community and local law-enforcement but still no leads.”
2)    From the John Maurer, BLM office:
“I am the investigator looking into the deaths of the two horses … I am particularly interested in what those two individuals had to say…”
Since May 14th … and still not a peep out of BLM about this?
At two recent North-Eastern BLM Stewardship public meetings, the illegal killing of wild horses was advocated by two separate public speakers. During the meetings, a local rancher said that he was a former military man and said that there were plenty of remote canyons up there and the people in the area could take care of the [wild horse] “problem” themselves … and that was what he had done while in the military.  And … another local rancher said that she would shoot any animal, whether it was a horse, wild horse or otherwise that came on to her property and ate her cows’ grass.
The members of the committee as well as numerous members of the public heard the illegal suggestions about killing/shooting our wild horses. BLM employees at the meeting did not speak up and tell the speakers that what they were advocating was a federal crime – until a member of the public brought it to the BLM’s attention.
And this was not the first time our wild horses have been found killed in that same area!
April 2012The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is investigating the shooting deaths of nearly a dozen wild horses in four separate incidents in California and Nevada since the beginning of the year.
February 2006 The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Washoe CountySheriff’s Office received a report Tuesday afternoon, February 14, that some wild horses had been found shot to death along State Highway 34 about 40 miles north ofGerlach. Investigation confirms that three wild horses, two mares and a stud, were shot and killed. One of the mares aborted a foal after being shot. The foal is also dead.

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