Friday, December 5, 2014

New Company Eyes Horse Slaughter in New Mexico

Straight from the Horse's Heart


Company has ties to Valley Meat, AG says

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ROSWELL, N.M. —Processing horse meat for human consumption may still happen in New Mexico, but state officials are fighting to stop that.
For years a Roswell company called Valley Meat tried to slaughter horses in New Mexico and ship the meat overseas for people to eat. The company gave up the fight after years of court battles and a judge’s decision forcing it to stop.
Now a new company is trying to do the same thing, and the Attorney General is trying to stop it.
“Many of the same people who were behind Valley Meat are behind this new enterprise,” said Assistant Attorney General Ari Biernoff.
The AG argues the new company, called D’Allende Meats, is using the same plant and is proposing the same plan. Officials said the judge’s decision to stop the old company should stop the new one.
The attorney representing D’Allende Meats said none of the accusations by the AG’s office are true, and the new meat company has a right to go through its own process.
The attorney said this new company doesn’t have that history. He believes dirty politics, not the law, are driving this new fight.
The AG’s office is asking a judge to quickly make a decision. The state’s Environment Department said the new meat company has requested a permit and is now in the normal review process.

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