Friday, May 15, 2015

Tribute to the Lost Wild Horses of Wyoming

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Report and photography by Carol Walker ~ Wild Horse Freedom Federation Advisory Board
Forward by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president Wild Horse Freedom Federation
“This past week we have been following the extraordinary adventures of Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘s Carol Walker as she has endured sub-zero temperatures in an effort to capture the last images of wild horses in Salt Wells and Adobe Town where the BLM is attempting to manage the herds into total extinction.  The current operation has concluded and what Carol shares with us today are the ghostly images of 40 PZPed mares being released into another area, not their home, without their mates and without their babies…at times like these, it is difficult to say ‘Keep the Faith’.” ~ R.T.

photography by Carol Walker, soundtrack from Opus Moon “and they run” available on iTunes, produced by R.T. Fitch
In Carol’s own words:
I found myself quite emotional about the images when I was working on them, especially the poignancy of the mare stepping out first in this strange new world, and then also when the whole group moves away together, not looking back – but why should they? This Salt Wells Herd has been targeted for zeroing out by the Rock Springs Grazing Association, and even the mares and stallions who belong in this area can never go home – they have been relocated as if they are merely inconvenient objects. This has become highlighted by the fact that tomorrow the scoping document for the Great Divide Basin Herd Area comes out – they are planning to round up this herd even though it has only been 2 years since the last round up. This is another herd that is targeted for complete zeroing out.
Today on my way home I went through the Adobe Town Herd Area to the area where the mares had been released yesterday.  I did not see them – they were long gone. But a few miles away I saw a few family bands of wild horses, grazing despite the bitter below zero cold. And I also saw cattle in front of Haystack Mountain.
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