Thursday, July 14, 2016

Resurrecting a Decades Old Problem at Havasupai

We were first made aware of these problems in 2009, in a post here, although complaints have been documented long before that, possibly decades.

Should we apologize for the graphic image?

Horses and burros are left to die on the trail, or off the trail, left to the elements and predators, carcasses eaten by dogs and wolves.

Other abuses, such as sores, dehydration, underweight horses, working at extreme temperatures with no food or water, have been documented by many observers.


More fallen animals:

"4 pack animals still roped together, had apparently 
been spooked by coyote or so overnight, fallen off trail, pack loads still on. 2 dead.
we cut them lose. the small donkey managed to eventually get on its own feet.
removed load from mule, and tried foe almost two hours to get it onto its feet."



If you have witnessed these abuses, or posted them here on the blog in the past, PLEASE visit the Facebook page (Click HERE) and share your photos and experiences.


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