Friday, July 17, 2009

Congress Passes Wild Horse and Burro Protection Legislation

From: Equine Welfare Alliance

July 17, 2009


Contacts: John Holland


Vicki Tobin


Congress Passes Wild Horse and Burro Protection Legislation

CHICAGO, (EWA) – The Equine Welfare Alliance applauds Congress today in passing, Restore Our American Mustangs" (ROAM) Act, H.R. 1018, legislation that will protect America’s heritage, our Wild Mustangs.

The legislation, although heavily supported by Democrats, also received twenty-four percent of GOP votes. “This is an indication,” said Holland and Tobin, “of the bipartisan support horse legislation has enjoyed in past years. We are optimistic of continued bipartisan support for legislation to end the slaughter of American horses (HR 503 & S 727) and the banning of double decker cattle trucks for use in the transport of horses (HR 305).”

The legislation restores what former Montana senator, Conrad Burns, removed from the 1971 Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

An important aspect of this bill is the prevention the commercial sale and slaughter of wild horses and the wholesale killing of healthy wild horses by the Bureau of Land Management and possibly others.

“This is definite indication of the mainstream support for protecting our heritage and ending the unnecessary slaughter of our horses that all of these bills enjoy,” said Tobin.

The message to western state legislators, supported by the deep pockets of agriculture associations, couldn’t be any clearer. American’s revere their heritage and our horses that work, race, perform and provide services and their outrage of American horses ending up on elite foreign diner’s dinner plates.

Again, the EWA reiterates its support of the animal agriculture where the horse has always served as man’s loyal helpmate in bringing meat to market. We don’t eat our equine helpmates. We eat cattle, swine, poultry and other traditional food animals.

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