Monday, July 6, 2009

Rescuing an American Icon

From: Pam Nickoles Photography

This is a wonderful story that has come out of the Nebraska situation. Please follow the link to read the story! The pictures are incredible and say so much more than simple words.
"I thought long and hard about writing this particular entry. It’s been such a horrendously heartbreaking event (for many), I just didn’t think I could relive any part of it. However, it seems there will always be some good that shines through a tragedy and my experience is no exception. To do the story justice, I have to start from the beginning.

In the Spring of 2007, I photographed a magnificent tri-colored pinto stallion from the White Mountain HMA near Rock Springs, WY. I have photographed many, many wild horses, but this particular Mustang made more of an impression somehow. To me, he was the epitome of all the exceptional and unique qualities embodied in the wild horses. And for that reason, I vowed that if I ever found out he’d been rounded up, I’d do my best to save him."

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