Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Cloud Foundation Newsletter

The Cloud Foundation

Happy New Year!

Thanks everyone for your hard work, encouragement, friendship,  and determination this past year.  With your continued support and dedication, I believe we will make 2011 a better year for our wild herds. Now, more than ever before, we are a part of an exciting, unified effort to win a moratorium on all roundups of our herds throughout the West, including Cloud's glorious herd in the rugged Pryor Mountains.

In 2011 TCF will continue to ensure a peaceful, wild place for our Freedom Fund family bands. Through our legal efforts we will work towards expanding Cloud's home range to include their historic lands inCuster National Forest. And we will focus our efforts on preserving Cloud's legacy on the mountain.

I hope you will join me in pledging to never, ever give up in our efforts to preserve Cloud and all the wild horses in their homelands. Please join us in helping bring the inspiring message of family and freedom to audiences throughout the country and around the world.

I wish every one of you a wonderful 2011. Together we will ensure a future for these beautiful spirits in the vast wild lands of the American West.

Happy Trails!

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