Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's News from Equine Welfare Alliance

Update on legislator statement: I'm trying to confirm the statement was released. I don't want to release what I have in case it hasn't been released or the text has changed. The DC offices are closed today due to weather. Stay tuned....

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Horsemeat: Switzerland finds bute in horsemeat from Canada

Videos and information from the OK press conference and BLM meeting

Also on our wild ones:

The HSUS Urges the Bureau of Land Management to Return Wild Horse Band to its Home Near Carson City, Nev.

Vickery hits another home run in Newsweek

What's in Your Horse Burger? Chemicals That Pose Serious Health Risks

This is a great piece from British author, Susanna Forrest published in Spiegel International

The Source of Horse: A Shadowy Market Ripe for Exploitation

This is an awesome video but I will caution you there are a few graphic images toward the end. Contact info for the governor is at the end. Let's hope Oklahoma comes to their senses...

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