Friday, March 15, 2013

Updates from the Arizona Coalition for Equines

Arizona Coalition for Equines

The premier goal of the Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE) is to give equine owners and
guardians the tools to help their horses, donkeys and burros thrive in their care. The core of
the ACE mission - the ACE Assistance Program - provides help to Arizonans who have
suffered personal setbacks, threatening their ability to keep and care for their horses. This
help is offered on a short-term, temporary basis, until financial or other challenges can be
solved. ACE is a statewide not-for-profit 501(c) 3.
Since the program began, ACE has responded with help for 99 equines involving hard-hit
caregivers struggling to keep and care for their horses. These numbers reflect only requests
for some type of financial assistance. ACE aims to prevent the tragic last resort of starvation,
seizure, abandonment or slaughter, by providing vital feed, and in some cases, hoof, dental
and medical care so people can maintain their beloved animals at home. If that proves
impossible, ACE also works to find new homes for equines in need.
Please visit the ACE website at for more
information. If you or someone you know is in need of temporary assistance to care for
equines, please call 520-749-4026 or email
ACE Announces ASPCA Grant Award
UPDATE: From the proceeds of this grant award, ACE has to date provided services to 31
Arizona horses. These services have included hay and feed, veterinary care, emergency
transport and foster care. ACE extends sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the
ASPCA® Equine Fund grant program for their support of Arizona equines
To learn more about the ASPCA Equine Fund, visit
How Ace Is Helping
Here are a few of the recent requests and responses from


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