Saturday, November 30, 2013

Obama’s BLM Continues Assault on American Wild Horses over Holiday Weekend

Straight from the Horse's Heart

an ‘Outraged’ OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Americans Eat Holiday Leftovers While Lives End for Iconic Wild Equines

BLM's Wild Horse Harvesting Machine by John Holland
Obama’s BLM Wild Horse Harvesting Machine by John Holland
While the bulk of Americans give thanks and embrace family traditions from years gone by a small group of elite Federal agents and specialized contractors plot, terrorize, capture and destroy federally protected wild horse herds which embody to all Americans traditional western heritage, freedom and family.
Sanctioned by the Obama Administration in an effort to support yet another cloudy and failing agenda, the BLM is ripping some 700+ wildhorses and burros from an area granted to them to live forever free and unharassed by Congress in 1971.
While the U.S. celebrates the tradition of family solidarity and Thanksgiving the helicopters roar over the heads of helpless family bands of wild horses who in only a matter of minutes will never see their herd members and babies again.
Since Thursday, November 21st,  570 wild horses have lost their lives of freedom and the wild equine will know no holiday this weekend as the Obama Wild Horse Harvesting Machine begins operating their trap #3 in the Manuel Gap area of their Adobe Town & Salt Wells wild horse decimation operation.  Three horses have been killed since the assault began.
Although no horses were tormented on Thanksgiving Day some 17 mares with 16 foals were torn apart from their families on the day prior to the holiday.
700 equine souls is the target for this ruthless harvest but as the BLM has proven in the past, once pumped up and with dollar signs in the eyes of their contractors, more innocent equines may succumb to the ‘good ole boys’ grazing agency’s wild horse eradication program.
The private cattle subsidized by taxpayers increase on federal public land while the protected wild horses and burros are removed, forever.
The embarrassment of Obamacare is nothing compared to the destruction of Obama’s LaLa Land in the West…an agenda of special interests, abuse, deceit and abject destruction.
America has, again, lost a little luster as the helicopters continue to fly over the heads of the innocent icons of freedom and family.  It’s a sad day for horse and human alike.

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