Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Does the Secretary of the Interior have against Wild Horses

The Desert Independent

The Desert Independent
November 4, 2013
You must remember that although Sally Jewell would seem to be a natural ally of the wild horses because of her affiliation with REI, the outdoor outfitters, that is just not the case when you think about the people REI serves. Most all of those customers of REI, and I must admit to being one of them, would rather not share the outdoors with wild or domesticated horses. Hikers and bikers, may not admit it, but they really don’t like having to move off trail when a group of horses come by. Just try to find any horse gear in an REI.
Even more important or detrimental to the wild horses depending on how you look at it, is Sally’s earlier career of 20 plus years as a banker making loans to the oil industry. These were the same people she worked for before going into banking!
Sally’s a very well rounded business woman capable of sending each and every wild horse off to a Mexican slaughterhouse with an entry on some Excel spreadsheet just for that purpose.
Shame on you Sally Jewell.

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