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A Personal Thanksgiving Greeting/Threat from a BLM Wild Horse Helicopter Stampede Contractor

Straight from the Horse's Heart

“In My Outraged Opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“RIGHT NOW, TODAY the Cattoors are having THEIR way with YOUR wild horses at the Adobe Town helicopter stampede with NO PUBLIC OBSERVATION…”

“Feel Good Sunday” is canceled for this day.  Sorry, I was planning on writing about what an uplifting and endearing experience Terry and I had on Black Friday riding our companion horses on Galveston Beach versus being tied up in a mall with a bunch of crazy people but that is going to have to wait for another day as the plight of our wild horses and the antics of the BLM pushed all that goodness and light off onto the back burner, as usual.
Instead, I will share with you some darkness that rode in on a broomstick from the cold, stark western skies and landed square in my inbox on Thanksgiving weekend with a stomach churning plop and covered with the smell of distant deceit; that, ladies and gentlemen, was a personal email from the grand dame of wild horse pain and suffering, the BLM hired gun for ripping away the freedom and destroying the families of our wild horses and burros, none other than the BLM helicopter contractor, Sue Cattoor.
Sue Cattoor speaking at Pryor Mt. 2009 Roundup while Ginger Kathrens films - Photo by R.T. Fitch
Sue Cattoor speaking at Pryor Mt. 2009 Roundup while Ginger Kathrens films – Photo by R.T. Fitchof Wild Horse Freedom Federation
I haven’t heard from Sue since around 2010 when she didn’t like what I had written on my blog so she hired an attorney to threaten me, my wife, my home, my horses and everything close to my heart.  That didn’t sit well with me and it didn’t sit well with some outstanding, nationally known, big city, Houston attorneys who came to my aide, pro bono, and blew Sue and her cronies off.
Click (HERE) to read Demand Letter
You see, Sue (yes, it is the same first name that Wallis carries, another glowing pair of horse hating eyes peering out from underneath yet another rock) likes to be talked about, she loves to see her name in print, she relishes the opportunity to admonish equine advocates on how they know so little about horses while she, her husband, (once brought up on charges for capturing and selling wild horses to slaughter), and her son, (video taped stomping a wild burro to death), are the only ones who know anything about wild horses AND they are helping those horses by chasing them all around the desert in their flying toys in all forms of weather and terrain.  BUT if anything is said that points to the truth and is contrary to their means of suckling millions of dollars from the BLM’s teats then the gloves come off, the claws come out and sanity flies out the window.
Click (HERE) to read Cattoor Indictment
We first met the ‘wicked witch of the west’ (that is in my humble opinion, of course) in Sept. of 2009 at the last helicopter harassment roundup of Cloud and the Pryor Mountain herd.  Ginger Kathrens took Sue’s grandchildren under her wing, one day, and talked about fossils and the history of the Pryors while Sue was allowed, by the BLM, to stand in front of the public and cameras to complain about all the “bad” things we were saying about her and her high dollar family on the internet.  ‘sniff, sniff’  She claimed we hurt her feelings, then she proceeded, with friends, to stand behind myself, my wife Terry, Ginger Kathrens, Makendra Silverman, Carol Walker and other advocates and heckle us as we watched and talked about the release of Clouds greatly reduced family band.  Her inane and rude babble was so offensive that I went to the BLM ranger who was watching over our dangerous band of female advocates and asked him to put a cork in his contractor’s mouth but he claimed that to do so would be to trample on her First Amendment rights.
Well how about OUR First Amendment rights, why is a BLM contractor, once again, allowed to make direct contact with a U.S. tax payer and tell them what they should and could write about!  Is there something wrong with this picture?  YES!
This individual is taking our tax dollars, against our will and then has the gall and audacity to tell me what I can and cannot write on my blog?  Hell No!
RIGHT NOW, TODAY the Cattoors are having THEIR way with YOUR wild horses at the Adobe Town helicopter stampede with NO PUBLIC OBSERVATION.  They assaulted the horses, yesterday, with no one allowed to view and they are doing it again, TODAY.  Is that right?  HELL NO!
Are they going to stop at destroying the lives of 700 horses as promised or will they take more because they are paid on a ‘per horse’ basis by the BLM?  You will not know because we were not allowed to witness.  And what are the odds that the roundup will conclude today with no one around to verify, REAL GOOD, because there was no public observation.
And Sue Cattoor writes to me about truth and clarity; give me a break and gag me with a spoon…now I have heard and seen everything and that is a lot to say at my ripe and venerable age.
It’s wrong, it is all wrong, it is so wrong I can smell it all the way out here in Texas.  We will not go silently into the night nor will we be absent to witness the conclusion and cleanup of this debacle.
Although not verified I will bet my bottom dollar that the Cloud Foundation will be out to Adobe Town tomorrow and I can assure you that we, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, will be there in one way, shape, manner or form, too…we do not plan to rollover, sit or beg to the whims of a contractor who has made millions on the sacrifice of the freedom and lives of America’s western icons, the wild horses and burros.
Below is my inappropriate holiday love letter from Sue and below that is my response and below even that are some cool and interesting links to the history of Sue Cattoor…nothing is edited for the sake of evidence for potential litigation but I must say just one more time as I take a very deep breath, HOW DARE SHE!
(You poked the sleeping dragon, Sue…not good!)
Subject: Telling only the truth
Date: November 29, 2013 6:29:20 PM CST
Hi RT,  I happened to listen to you and Ginger and I beleive Debbie on the radio the other night.  I heard you state that you people as advocates need to be sure and check all the facts and to be sure you are telling just the truth.  You were referring to the hide that was left in the dumster in Delta.  So I am asking you to remove one statement from your latest blog attacking this Wyoming gather we are doing.  You state this gather was put off until now because the contractor was not available sooner.  That is not so.  We have not done any work for the BLM since August.  We would have much rather done the gather in September or October.  It is my understanding that the gather had been put off because there was no space for the wild horses.  So the Rock Springs Grazing Association was threatening to file contempt of court charges against the BLM.  They had no choice but to quickly find some space, bring in a contractor (that happened to be Cattoor Livestock Roundup) and get the gather started.  That is why no one (not even our company) had any advance notice.  So please remove that statement from your blog and inform your readers that scheduling a contractor was not why the gather is being done at this time.  Thank you,  Sue Cattoor
From: R.T. Fitch <>
To: “
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2013 1:36 PM
Subject: Fw: Fwd: Telling only the truth
Well Sue, it’s so nice of you to think of me over the Thanksgiving weekend, the best to you and yours, too.
The answer to your demand is NO!
TCF issued the original release and if you read carefully it uses the word “appears” which I have gone back and accented on the blog post so you can’t miss it…and by the way, you have about 500 other blogs, newspapers and magazines to contact to change that one word as the release went viral.  (You even got some free publicity in all of that, you should be excited.)
I am admittedly pleased that you chose to single me out.  For that I am very thankful and feel so very, very special but your bullying and stomping on the first amendment could be construed as harassment by some; not by me, I only find it entertaining.
Please feel free to log onto the blog and comment yourself, I guarantee that if you don’t cuss and use spell-check your comment will get through.
Remember, less is more!

Click (HERE) to preview the Cattoor Family Legacy on WHFF

Etc. Etc. Etc…it goes on and on…

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