Thursday, December 5, 2013

BLM Strips 668 Wild Horses of their Freedom, Releases 38 Stallions and 40 Chemically Spayed Mares

Straight from the Horse's Heart

“It’s over, the BLM’s war on wild horses in Wyoming has concluded with a total of 668 horses ripped from their families and freedom.  The BLM walks away with a smile on their face while the Cattoors have a nice fat paycheck for the holidays, thanks to you taxpayers.  Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘s Carol Walker was on hand for the release of the 40 PZPed mares, yesterday, but was not present for the alleged release of 38 studs on Sunday as tax paying Americans were forbidden and banned from the operation.  You can view the BLM’s official reports by clicking (HERE).
Below is a brief report from Carol who braved minus 10 degree temps and being that all wild horse and burro harassment operations are officially concluded she is simply going to attempt to check on the released horses, this morning, and then head for home and a well deserved rest and warm up.
Carol’s photos, below, are from her iPad as they caravaned to the release site.  Her dynamite photos from her top notch camera will be forth coming once she gets back in front of a computer.
Keep the faith, my friends, and many thanks to Carol for braving the elements on behalf of the horses.” ~ R.T.
Mare Release
photo by Carol Walker
Some thoughts from the release – when I pulled up to the pens where they had kept the mares since they rounded them up on Saturday by the highway there was a lot of running, churning around, and the mares I could see in the very open stock trailer looked terrified – I could see the whites of their eyes.
photo by Carol Walker
photo by Carol Walker
But when they finally arrived at the release site, about 40-50 miles from where they had been captured, once they scrambled out of the trailers, they were composed – they went up a hill immediately, so that they could see where they were, and waited for all of the group to catch up before trotting off. This was true of the second group as well – the Cattoors opened the trailer door for the first group, and they trotted up the hill next to the one I was on, paused and looked over at me, waited for the second group in the other trailer to catch up, then all trotted down the hill. Even though they were in a strange new place, stranger still since there had been no snow on the ground when they were captured, they showed how tough and uniquely suited these horses are to their challenging environment, acting with caution, alertness and grace. I can only imagine that the release of the stallions went a bit differently – I know from past releases that the boys run off as fast as they can go!
The second group of mares only had an hour before sunset to figure out their new surroundings but hopefully they will be fine. It was colder than 11 below last night out there,and I do believe they were much better off on their own and free to seek sheltered spots than they would have been still stuck in that pen by the highway with no shelter.
Ironically,the release location for the mares was one of the trap sites for the 2010 roundup in Adobe Town, the Poison Buttes Trap site. I do NOT have fond memories of that location having observed hundreds of horses losing their freedom there.
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