Monday, June 16, 2014

Keep the Momentum To Protect U.S. Horses!


Action Alert
USA: Future of U.S. Horse Slaughter before Congress

Agriculture Appropriations for 2015
ASPCA Position:  
Support a Ban on Funding for Horse Slaughter

Action Needed:  Please email and call your U.S. senators and representative and urge them to continue the ban on using tax dollars for horse slaughter inspections.

In January, we won a major victory for horses when the federal appropriations bill for 2014 was signed into law. The bill banned the use of tax dollars for inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which successfully halted the opening of horse slaughter plants in several states.

The current ban applies only to FY 2014; it must be renewed in order to remain in effect through FY 2015. Recently, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 18-12 to include the ban provision in the Senate 2015 bill. One week later, the House Appropriations Committee voted 28-22 to retain the ban in the House 2015 bill.

It is crucial that this provision remain in the 2015 Agriculture Appropriations bill when it comes up for votes in the full House and Senate! We expect the Senate to take it up immediately. The House has started its deliberations; we need to be ready when they resume in the near future.

Opponents who want to bring this grisly industry back to the U. S. are betting that Congress will let the ban expire. It is now more urgent than ever that Congress continue the ban and prevent this polluting, disgusting, unspeakably cruel industry from establishing roots on U.S. soil.  

What You Can Do

We need you to do two simple things for horses right now:

, call the offices of your U.S. senators and representative in Washington, D.C. (look up their names and numbers here). You can use this script when speaking with the receptionist:

“Hi, this is _______ and I am your constituent in [town and state]. I’m calling today to urge [Senator _______ / Representative _______ ] to support the ban on funding for horse slaughter inspections in the Agriculture Appropriations bill and oppose any efforts to weaken or remove the provision. I do not want my tax dollars to subsidize horse slaughter. Thank you!”
Don’t be nervous about calling—it’s easy, fast, and by far the most effective thing you can do!

, send the email below to your senators and representative in Washington, D.C. The email states that you oppose the use of taxpayer dollars for horse slaughter inspections—please remember to add your own message in the box provided.

Your action is a crucial to the fight to prevent the slaughter of American horses! 


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