Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wild Horses: The Proposed Destruction of the Sand Wash Basin Herd

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation
as published at Wild Hoofbeats

“Sand Wash Basin has leases for sheep grazing and the destruction that these huge groups of hundreds of sheep have caused over decades leaves the range in poor condition in many areas. “

2008 Train Wreck – by Carol Walker
Two weeks ago I visited the Sand Wash Basin Herd in Colorado. I have been photographing the wild horses there since the disastrous roundup in 2008 when 11 wild horses died and I watched a wild mare being trampled underneath other horses who were being pushed into a horse trailer.
But now I am learning that the worst thing that can happen to the wild horses in Sand Wash is NOT a helicopter roundup. It is the BLM using bad science and making the herd a victim of a new and wholly unnecessary research study.
In April the BLM announced that it would be making up to 10 million dollars available in grants of up to 1 million dollars each  for wild horse and burro contraception and sterilization:
In Sand Wash Basin, the AML or Appropriate Management Level of wild horses is 155-355 and Wendy Reynolds, the BLM Little Snake Office Field Director claims that there are currently 460 wild horses in Sand Wash plus 40 foals, and this was on May 29 at the Northwest Resource Advisory Council Meeting on May 29, 2014…(CONTINUED)

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