Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dogs Maul Miniature Horses

From KPHO Channel 5 Phoenix

Owner Discovered 'Massacre' On Friday
Jeff Butera

POSTED: 9:27 pm MST August 29, 2009

PHOENIX -- Two miniature horses were killed and a third horse was injured Friday morning during an attack at a North Phoenix ranch located just off Carefree Highway.

Arizona Game and Fish believe dogs attacked the horses, killing “Braveheart” and “Velcro,” a pair of miniature horses that were less than a half-year old.

A four-year-old horse named “Little Bit” survived the attack but has teeth marks all over its body.

JoAnne Souza owns the ranch along with her husband. She also owns two of the three horses involved in the attack. She came out to the pen to feed the horses Friday morning and saw what happened.

“It looked like a massacre over here,” Souza remembers. “I went screaming back (in the house) to my husband in hysterics and told him the horses had been hurt.”

Arizona Game and Fish officials determined dogs were likely the attackers after looking at footprints and seeing where the horses were attacked on their body.

Souza is not sure whether the dogs were strays or whether they may belong to somebody who lets them roam free.

She has added a camera to the pen. Now she can watch and listen to what is happening while she is inside the house, and can run out if she thinks another attack is taking place.

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