Monday, August 3, 2009

FOUND HORSE: Payson Area: Please help!

I saw a beautiful horse in the forest today, was chestnut and blonde mane and tail. She/he was in very good shape, ran when he/she heard my truck ran off into the forest,no one around. 8/3/09
off Highway 87 on forest road 141, at crossing for dry lake.
This location is north of Payson and just south of Clint wells on 87.

If you have ANY information, please contact Barb:

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  1. Update: Tuesday afternoon about 2 PM: From Tim:

    barb I have called the forest service, they had a report of a lost mare.
    I also have put an ad in craiglist under farm ag, and called another rescue place. I got a reply of someone who will take a team and go look for the horse.