Sunday, March 25, 2012

Canada’s Horse-Slaughter Industry: A Harrowing Case of Inhumanity

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Target: Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper
Goal: To shut down the horse slaughter houses in Canada.
The horse slaughter industry in Canada is one of the largest; these gentle animals that have served us for centuries are shipped off to factories and forced to endure a tragic fate. Most of these horses come from auctions where about half of them end up exported to these horrific places. Some of these horses were once beloved pets but their owners could no longer afford them, some of them are injured or too old to be ridden, some are from the racing industry where too many horses are bred to produce the rare winner.
This is a complete betrayal to our gentle companions; horses are remarkably intelligent and sensitive animals. I had the unique opportunity to grow up with these magnificent creatures, there is nothing like the bond between a horse and rider. To treat our beloved companions with so much disgrace is completely cruel, it shows how utterly selfish humans can be. The horse slaughter industry is horrific on many different levels; horses are shipped in crowded trailers often with no food or water and once they arrive their fate is completely heartbreaking, they thrash their heads as fear takes over and they are forced to go down a kill chute. They are not euthanized and often not even unconscious before they endure exsanguination, or the draining of their blood.
This harrowing treatment of such mystical animals is completely gut wrenching. This inhumanity to our beautiful horses must stop; the slaughter-houses in Canada must be closed. Horses are graceful animals that are our companions, they have served us in so many ways and they deserve our protection. The eye of a horse tells a story of both hope and sorrow; it is in this that we see a reflection of our universe and the need for our compassion.

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