Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiny Step...BLM Cancels Plans to Castrate Burros in Arizona

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

After receiving over 6,000 public comments opposing a roundup, removal and castration plan for burros in the Cibola Trigo Herd Management Area (HMA) in Arizona, the BLM has cancelled plans to capture and geld 50 male burros (jacks) and return them to the range. Unfortunately, the agency is moving forward with the roundup itself, targeting 350 burros for removal from their homes in the southern Sonoran Desert.

The scrapping of the castration component of the Cibola Trigo roundup is a tiny step forward in the fight to protect America's remaining wild horses and burros, as it was part of a larger BLM strategy to replace wild free-roaming horses and burros with castrated stallions and jacks on the range. AWHPC, The Cloud Foundation and the Western Watersheds Project are currently fighting this "manage to extinction" strategy in federal court. Read the BLM's Decision Record for the Cibola Trigo roundup by clicking here or below. 

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