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Horse Slaughter: It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

Straight from the Horse's Heart

No “Done Deals” with USDA Cluster Fart
We-have-had-enoughThe questions and rumors are flying and everyone wants answers. We ask that you stay the course and keep in contact with your legislators. There is a lot going on, some we can discuss, some we can’t. Our opponents are desperate and I’m sure all of you don’t want to help them undo what has been done, thus far. We can say with certainty, we are still on course and have the best, and I do mean best, people working on this.
Your phone calls and the work they are doing resulted in the where we are with the appropriations bills. The bills were passed out of committee on a voice vote – overwhelming support without a need for a roll-call. This is huge and is an impetus for Congress to pass the SAFE act to end it once and for all. We will be discussing this at the conference but for now, we just can’t take the chance of undermining their work. All it takes is one post on facebook and it will be all over facebook for everyone to read. 
 Keep in mind, if the bills should go to committee to reconcile, there is nothing to reconcile on the two bills because they both contain the same language. In light of what happened in the 112thsession, there are congressmen and senators on both side of the aisle that will be watching closely to make certain they don’t pull another stunt like last time. In addition, unlike the last session, defunding inspections was included in the administration’s recommendation for the budget. 
Of note, is nothing that has been done, thus far, by the darkside was done because of support.Conrad Burns (at the request of Harry Reid) snuck the three strikes language on the wild ones into the bill after everyone had reviewed the bill. The defunding language was removed behind closed doors, without discussion, on a must pass bill. The permits for inspections were issued because of force, not because it was what the government, states, taxpayers, horse industry or horse owners wanted. Their voices were heard in the house and senate appropriations committee hearings that overwhelming voted to defund horse inspections. Most importantly, let’s not forget how they block, stall and enter secret holds on the federal legislation every session to keep the bills from going to the floor for a vote. If they think they have so much support, what are they afraid of? 
Stay tuned for updates. We’ll let you know what you can do to help ensure we get it done this year. We can’t stress enough that your phone calls and meetings with your legislators played a big role. 
The darkside has issued statements to their few supporters on the recent announcement by USDA to issue inspection permits. Granting inspections was not unexpected. The USDA, by law, has to issue the permits. You can read the statements (and comment) at the below links. Two are from Wallis and the other from Duquette (most likely written by Puppymill Patterson).
Something to keep in mind as you read their drivel is that the recent developments were amidst overwhelming opposition and was accomplished by force. not support. In NM, 70% were against the plant as well as the Governor and Attorney General. This is far from over. We’ll let you know of any additional information that we receive.  
The advocates in the 3 states (IA, NM & MO) that have received inspection permits must continue to have their voices heard.

BTW-Shedrow is back and has a great editorial posted: 
Blood Lust and Premature Victory Dances

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