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Native Wild Horse Protection and others fight for wild horses

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Thanks to Native Wild Horse Protection and the many wild horse advocacy groups and advocates fighting for the humane care of wild horses in holding facilities.
JULY 11, 2013
PUBLIC OUTCRY HEIGHTENS, tragic foretold deaths of native wild horses without shelter unfolding, Bureau of land Management’s, Palomino Valley, Nevada “short term holding pens” still no shade in sight 
BY: “GIMME SHELTER CAMPAIGN”                                            NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION
Jetara Séhart
High Desert sun relentlessly shines upon 1800+ warehoused wild horses and burros enclosed within BLM shade-less pens and horses are offered no escape from Summer’s dangerous heat.
Dr. Lester Friedlander, former Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer with the USDA, and veterinarian for the NY State Horse Racing and Wagering Board,  WARNED in a letter sent to Congressman Grijalva , in a statement for NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION and to BLM PVC Director , Jeb Beck :
6/27/13  “conditions at the Palomino Valley Center call for “emergency action” by the Federal government to ensure the safety of the animals.  He says if the horses and burros are not properly protected from the heat and sun,  ”countless numbers will be lost to disease, infections and heat-related deaths.”
NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION offered four times to donate materials and raise funding to erect shelters to alleviate heat related painful suffering and death for Palomino Valley Center BLM warehoused horses, but the BLM refused to accept donations and claims horses do not need shade, because they are wild.
To deny native wild horses needed protection from elements is hypocritical, because the BLM Mustang adoption requirements include, that a 3 sided shelter must be provided.
Today, Director Beck, still has not created veterinarian called for shelter and instead installed some sprinklers to mitigate heat and the horses within his care and management are suffering and dying.
 On June 25th NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION alerted Director Beck:
“In upcoming temperatures at Palomino Valley Holding facility, when 104 degrees is reached, in full sun the horses there, will be standing upon barren soil, whose temperature will reach approx. 146 degrees and for wild horses of all ages including foals or yearlings who may need to lay down, this situation is intolerable and inhumane. Certainly no human or animal should be made to stand or reside in full Sun in temperatures of 90+ degrees, without shelter.”
PHOTO: MARJORIE LYNNE WAGNER , Surface temperature of sun drenched ground reads 164 degrees on July 1st, 2013 at approximately 3:20 PM. within the BLM Wild horse holding facility PALOMINO VALLEY CENTER, NEVADA
Marjorie Lynne Wagner, a wild horse advocate states of her visit and experience : “My visit to Palomino Valley Holding Facility on July 1, 2013 was a gut wrenching experience. The extreme 105 degree temperature overwhelmed me within minutes. When I tested the ground temperature with the new Ryobi Infrared Thermometer, I was shocked to see how high it read, with a reading of up to 164 degrees. None of the workers were outside for the entire time we were there, leaving me to wonder, “Where is the care they are being paid to provide?” One pen on the South side had insufficient water for so many horses. With only one trough, we noticed the larger stronger horses were guarding the water and not allowing the others to drink. There must be an immediate intervention on to prevent a large number of losses. The BLM claims that 4 have died but we were not able to view the “sick pens” and can only surmise what the situation is there.”
Terri Farley of Authoring Change interviewed BLM’s Director Jeb Beck, who reported
Dead Mustangs: between June 28th and July 8th  four horses died or were euthanized.
“1.  Mare in pen with other horses in preparation for hoof trimming presented with “wobbles” one morning, meaning there was swelling around spinal chord, possible neck fracture. She was euthanized.
 2.  Horse died of Bastard Strangles (different from standard Strangles because it presents in body, not neck), 2 weeks post-diagnosis and treatment 
 3.   Yearling from video “passed overnight” and was found dead in her pen on the morning of July 2. Her body was removed by 8:30 am July 2.
“Unless there’s clinical signs of cause of death, horses have to be listed as undiagnosed,” said Beck.
 4.  3-year-old was found dead.  Cause of death undiagnosed.
“No animals have passed since July 2,” said Beck. “
Concern is mounting along with Native Wild Horse ProtectionStraight From the Horse’s HeartProtect Mustangs and Yea! Youths’ Equine Alliance are echoing an urgent plea for the Palomino Valley Center and all BLM wild horse holding facilities to provide needed shelter and care for all BLM warehoused horses and burros to alleviate imminent danger and deaths; or to return native wild horses to freedom.
Within the wild horse community and general public some unaware wild horses remain here in America, now learning about the BLM wrongful removal and unnecessary inhumane treatment of captive wild horses and burros express outrage in Tweet Storms to DOI Secretary Sally Jewell, requesting her immediate address to save America’s wild horses and burros from caused and unnecessary suffering and death.
A twelve year old wild horse advocate Robin Warren, founder of Yea Equine Youth Alliance, joined NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION Gimme Shelter Campaign and circled more support with a GIMME SHELTER petition to DOI Secretary Sally Jewell. saw this petition and helped notify Warren’s supporters as well as larger audiences. Within the last 24 hours, the youth’s petition inspired more then 10,000 people to join the Gimme Shelter Campaign.
Patty Bumgarner, sees “Lil Angel” within a shadeless pen at the BLM Palomino Valley Center horse holding facility, Nevada. On July 1, 2013 at 3:30 PM. 105 degree temperature, (above surface thermometer indicates ground temperature at this time was 166 degrees) “Lil Angel” a young filly needing rest, laid down upon the only available ground for her, searing hot earth. Patty observed her to rise slowly after this photo was taken and walk toward a group of horses. Patty noted the BLM staff was not present often during her visits and appear to spend majority of their work day within an air conditioned office.
A beautiful native wild horse filly, “Lil Angel” lies lifeless within a sun baked BLM pen, a grave travesty, that help and needed respite did not arrive in time to save her.
PHOTO: By Jim Hart~BLM Palomino Valley Center, Nevada on JULY 2nd, 2013
The horses gather in tribute and concern for “Lil Angel” laying upon the hot earth, BLM Palomino valley Center, Nevada July 2, 2013
Photo: by Jim Hart
CONDITIONS to be met to better ensure chance of survival for Palomino Valley Center Native wild horses and Burros, or open the gates and return native wild horses to freedom to increase and honor ability to survive :
 1. shelter shade to be erected and accessible for all Palomino Valley Center warehoused horses
 2. removal of molded and mud caked hay
 3. quarantine of horses with contagious diseases (to a safe pen with shelter and adequate water
 4. medical address of injuries 
 5. provide at least two water troughs within each pen 
NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION member Coleen Denson contacted local animal welfare agencies to seek help and was informed Nevada does not require “live stock” to receive shelter or shade, even if live stock are suffering or dying from lack there of. Although our Native Wild Horses and Burros may be considered “live stock” by Nevada Law, they also are federally protected by LAW Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act 1971 and are awarded by Congress not to be harassed, harmed or killed, this shall include deliberate death causing neglect.
PHOTO: Patty Bumgarner, Palomino foal living within a hot shelter-less pen, at Palomino Valley Center, Nevada.
Most pens hold 60+ horses they are provided only 1 water trough.
PHOTO: Coleen Denson, Palomino Valley Center, BLM foal pen, foals seeking shade attempt to stand within in only available shadow a small area of shade cast from food troughs hung upon the pen’s fence.

GIMME SHELTER: BLM’s Broken Arrow breaks hearts, spirits and bodies too.
BLM closed doors to the public shortly after this horrific truth was seen. “Little Feather” aka “Sorro” a native wild horse who died of hunger and apparent neglect,
was euthanized and died behind BLM bars at Broken Arrow facility, in Fallon, Nevada in 2010.
“In May of 2010, during a public tour on a blistering hot day at BLM’s wild horse & burro holding facility “Broken Arrow”, I and many others, witnessed this tiny emaciated foal standing at the fence line, seeming to plead for help. His alleged mother was nudging him closer to us. I was shocked at his condition and felt so helpless being unable to assist this precious baby. Terri Farley, informed me the next day, Little Feather, aka Sorro, was euthanized. I never did witness any shelter at this facility to protect near two thousand horses, and the many foals & burros.” Cat Kindsfather, Wild Horse Advocate and Photographer
Inconsistency of wild horse management within BLM facilities is perplexing and problematic, in Ridgecrest, Ca. BLM facility, some shelter for wild horses is provided and more shelter is said to be erected, but many BLM facilities provide no shelter for thousands of warehoused horses and at these facilities such as BLM’s Palomino Valley Center and Broken Arrow facility in Nevada management denies wild horse’s obvious need for shade. BLM failed and costly management is killing America’s native wild horses.
What will it take for BLM’s Palomino Valley Center and other BLM facilities to create needed simple shelter to protect wild horses from heat related suffering and death?
The last of America’s native wild horses and burros are suffering and dying and need Secretary Sally Jewell today to provide needed shade and care, or return native wild horses and burros to freedom to survive. America’s great treasure the wild horse cannot await NAS sweeping reform to be implemented.
WHAT YOU CAN DO to help:
Please Tweet DOI: Secretary Sally Jewell and ask her to create shelter now for horses 2 survive in BLM PVC & Broken Arrow NV ~ ~ or open the gates and set these horses free, where in nature they may find shade.
@SecretaryJewell Pls c Native Wild #horses rcv immed shade BLM PVC& BRKN ARRW NV ~2 prevent fatalities
And Nevada Governor Sandoval:
@GovSandoval Pls c Native Wild #horses rcv immed shade BLM Palomino Valley Center & Broken Arrow Nevada ~2 prevent fatalities

Jetara Séhart Executive Director, Native Wild Horse Protection www.nativewildhorseprotection 
(415)613-7713 Twitter @riseup4wldhorse
Dr. Lester Friedlander, BA, DVM  (570) 637-3000

Coleen Denson, NATIVE WILD HORSE PROTECTION ~member photographer and concerned citizen (775) 384-9954

Jim Hart, President Liberty For Horses
Cat Kindsfather, Wild Horse Advocate and Photographer, Twitter @mustangdreams
Patty Bumgarner, Photographer, Wild Horse Advocate
Marjorie Lynne Wagner, Wild Horse Advocate, Founder ~American Horse Survival Network, Facebook

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