Monday, April 27, 2009

National Wild Horse Act on the move

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National Wild Horse Act on the move
The Natural Resources Committee of the US Congress will have a mark-up on HR 1018 on Wednesday, April 29th at 10:00am EST

Dear Friends of Cloud and the Wild Horses,
Just a quick note to let you know that H.R. 1018, the "Restoring our American Mustangs" (R.O.A.M.) act, sponsored by Congressman Nick Rahall to protect America's wild horses, will be given a full committee mark-up this Wednesday. This is the time when amendments will be proposed by other committee members and it is our hope that this will improve and strengthen this bill for our wild horses. The mark-up will be on a live video webcast that starts at 10:00am EST this Wednesday and you can watch it online here.

We'll get back to you with what we can all do next to see that the ROAM act vastly improves the future for our wild horses.


* Ginger will be giving a lecture, "The True Nature of Wild Horses", in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on Thursday, May 7th at 7:30pm.
* Ginger and her wild horse, Trace, will be at the Equine Awareness Day Event on May 16th in Black Forest, Colorado - sponsored by Front Range Equine Rescue.

Click here for more information on both these upcoming events!

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