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Washington, DC (March 26, 2009) – A bill to ban horse slaughter was introduced in the United States Senate today. Sponsored by Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and John Ensign (R-NV), the Landrieu/Ensign "Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act" will end the slaughter of American horses here and abroad. The sponsors, who have long championed the cause, were joined by 12 other Senators who signed onto the bill before it was even introduced.

The legislation comes at a time when horse slaughter no longer occurs on American soil, but tens of thousands of American horses continue to be shipped to Canada, Mexico and further abroad annually for a torturous death. The country’s three remaining horse slaughter plants – two in Texas and one in Illinois – were shut down in 2007 under state law. Since then, the pro-slaughter camp has led a concerted and disingenuous effort to resurrect the industry domestically, and has used scare tactics in an attempt to defeat the federal ban.

“Our opponents are trying desperately to convince the American public that horse slaughter is a necessary evil and that without it we’ll see our streets and fields overrun with so-called ‘unwanted’ horses. The fact is that the horse slaughter industry is a profit-driven and predatory one that sent more than 100,000 of our horses to their brutal deaths in Mexico and Canada last year. This isn’t humane euthanasia, this is a money-making machine, and we need to end it now,” said Senator Mary Landrieu.

While horse slaughter no longer occurs on U.S. soil the absence of a federal statute means that horses are shipped out of the country for slaughter. Reports show that horses regularly travel for hundreds or even thousands of miles to the slaughterhouses on double-deck cattle trucks without food, water or rest. At some Mexican slaughterhouses horses are stabbed repeatedly in the spine until they are paralyzed, after which they are butchered while still fully conscious.

"The time to put an end to the practice of slaughtering horses in America is long overdue," said Senator John Ensign said. "Horses have an important role in the history of our country, particularly the West, and they deserve our protection. As a senator and a veterinarian, I am committed to doing what I can for these magnificent animals."

The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act will amend Title 18 of the U.S. Code to acknowledge horse slaughter as a form of animal cruelty. The legislation includes stiff civil and criminal penalties and gives law enforcement officials the authority to apprehend and charge violators.

“We have great confidence that the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act will move quickly. The bill is long overdue. For years I have pleaded with the pro-horse slaughter camp to stop misleading the public but they are more concerned with wringing a few bucks from a suffering animal than doing what is right. Thankfully we have the majority of Congress advocating for change and this is the year that will happen,” said Chris Heyde, Deputy Director of Legislative and Government Affairs for the Animal Welfare Institute.

An identical version (HR 503), was introduced earlier this year in the House of Representatives by House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and Representative Dan Burton (R-IN). There are currently 112 bipartisan cosponsors of the House Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act. To take action on this important bill visit AWI's Compassion Index.

For More Information:
Chris Heyde, 202-446-2142

Montana, Big Sky Horse Slaughter Country

Monday, March 16, 2009

Congress Must Act Now: Draconian Horse Killing Bill ~

Congress Must Act Now: Draconian Horse Killing Bill

CHICAGO, (EWA) - A vote in the Montana House Thursday on a Draconian horse killing bill demands immediate action by the Congress. The Equine Welfare Alliance urges immediate passage of the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009.

State legislation that has been introduced and passed in Montana and elsewhere to build horse slaughterhouses on US soil are in direct violation of federal law. Illinois, in particular, is attempting to completely remove veterinarian inspections. This is a clear message stating that the US does not care what drugs the horses have ingested, what diseases they carry and more importantly, what the consequences will be to the consumers of the horse meat.

In Montana, the bill was written to prohibit citizens from bringing suit against the building of a plant based on environmental issues unless a fee is paid equaling 20% of the construction cost. This is a violation of the constitutional rights of every American citizen to have access to the courts in a fair, equitable and above all, affordable arena.

Congress can no longer ignore that the basis of the campaign unleashed by pro horse slaughter supporters and organizations is fraught with lies and scare tactics. Organizations and individuals promoting horse slaughter have not provided one piece of solid evidence that justifies or supports the need for horse slaughter. Their constant media blitzes consist of false articles portraying a tsunami of abandoned horses and dismissal of irrefutable evidence provided by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The documentation of unspeakable abuse and cruelty extracted reluctantly from the United States Department of Agriculture proves the need to forever prohibit killing horses for human consumption in foreign markets.

The media campaign is misleading at best, and downright dishonest, at worst. The spin includes calling horse slaughter processing, harvesting, humane euthanasia and recycling, in an attempt to transform the reality into something more palatable. These words belie the reality that living creatures are strung upside down, as their throats are cut for a slow death, while hooves are sawed off from their bodies. The horse is still living and often conscious during this “humane” process.

Anti slaughter advocates are accused of being employed by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) or being city “folk” that don’t understand the horse industry. Nowhere does the reader see one fact or any type of data to support the claims.

Increasingly, supporters of horse slaughter squawk that anti-slaughter advocates are vegans determined to end animal agriculture in the United States. Noting could be further from the truth.

Horses, mules, and other equines built the Capital building in Washington where their fate will be debated. These beasts of burden carried lumber, brick and mortar, to build the White House where we implore President Obama to sign the act.

The American Veterinarian Association (AVMA) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) classifies horses as companion animals, not livestock. Law enforcement rides service animals, hardly food stock animals. Livestock do not participate in the Triple Crown. Livestock are not used in therapy to help returning soldiers with head injuries, regain their balance. Livestock do not participate in presidential and military funerals. Every function horses perform in our society is that of a service animal.

It is time for Congress to take a stand and say enough is enough. Equines should be recognized as service animals and Congress must enact HR 503 immediately to end the cruelty and abuse American horses endure to satisfy European diners. It is time for Congress to remove the reward for irresponsible breeding and the owners that do not take responsibility for equines they chose to own or breed.

We urge caring Americans to pester your Legislators relentlessly until they pass and President Obama signs legislation putting an end to the obscene cruelty of horse slaughter.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walk Across America for Horses

Kremer to make strides for welfare of horses

Kristina Kremer is on a mission to save unwanted and neglected horses from slaughter houses, and her endeavor starts at 9 a.m. today in Newark.

Kremer, from Capulin, Colo., will begin her Walk Across America for Horses near the Main Street underpass in an effort to raise awareness of the threat of slaughter and daily abuse, and to improve the welfare and better treatment of all horses.

Kremer is deeply involved in the treatment and rescue of unwanted horses. She owns and operates the Snowy River Animal Rescue Farm, a 120-acre facility housing 120 rescued horses in Capulin, Colo.

Kremer will walk down Main Street, then onto Route 273 to Fair Hill, Md., where she will take part in a luncheon with interested horsemen and horse rescue enthusiasts.

Her first major goal of the walk will be to get to Washington, D.C., and attempt to deliver approximately 1,200 letters, written mostly by children, asking President Barrack Obama to support the rescue of all horses and to stop efforts by certain factions in this country to re-open horse slaughter houses to the U.S.

She hopes to finish the walk in six to eight months in California.

"This letter-writing campaign comes from children and families throughout the United States and that definitely includes Delaware," said Kremer. "The very least I can do is find a way to get someone to deliver these letters to the White House and the President when I reach Washington. I am serious, and I'm not some eccentric. Anyone out there who can help me accomplish that, please contact me or a member of our support group."

For updated information and to follow Kremer's walk each day, go to or call local contact Susan Pizzini of West Grove, Pa., at (610) 869-3629 or (610) 999-1990.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why we keep fighting!
Hello, My name is Catherine Cirino, I am a Director for the Delaware Equine Council/

My friend sold a horse to a couple who were to use him as a companion/husband horse. There was a contract that stated that he be returned if for any reason they did not want him or could not care for him. Unfortunately, they sold him to a dealer who sold him at New Holland on 2/2/09.

I am looking for a 29 yr old Argent. TB gelding named Harry. He has 1 eye, a bay about 15.2HH. He is a retired polo pony and was sold at New Holland on 2/2/09 by a dealer named Cody Lloyd.

I am frantically looking for this horse. New Holland states that he was sold to a rescue, but will not tell me anything else.

If anyone knows anything about Harry please call me. I would like to bring this horse home to my farm to live out his days.


just called again and left a message for Jen.

Put the word out to anyone you know concerning this horses.

I would like to find him asap.



Just spoke to New Holland. They are going to pull the records and call with the information today.

Hopefully, he was sold to an person and not the killers!

Say a prayer for me!!


If he is with someone who loves him.....I would be thrilled!

If they want to give or sell him back to me... I would be even happier!

I am hopeful to get good news.

Thanks again.


His tattoo is unreadable, so we never knew.

His name has always been Harry. I was told he was a polo pony.

He is an Argentinian TB. His lack of an eye has never been an issue.

He is still an amazing guy for his age.


Just got the call from NH - He was sold to a Ryan Moore from Joanstown, PA.

I just called and left a message on their machine to call me regarding Harry.

Does anyone know them?


They just called me back to say he went to slaughter.

I am devastated!



RIP Harry, we are sorry. I will never forget. Promise.

Howling Ridge Radio


A Big Cat Dines on a Horse Meat Cake
Source: Seattle Times

Howling Ridge Radio with John Holland, Ellen-Cathryn Nash, Vicki Tobin & Amanda Sorvino

We really do not want to give free publicity to the host of 'Horse Talk with Jen.' However, her comments are so blatantly contradictory and ridiculous that we simply cannot resist. Out of one side of her mouth she declares she is not PRO slaughter. Out of the other, she says such a "small amount" of horses go to kill, and she is vehemently opposed to the Humane Society of the United States, PeTA, and any other animal welfare organization on the planet that advocates for equids. Ms. Hegeman, we know, utters a falsehood when she states she is not pro slaughter. She is not a good problem solver as she does not possess an analytical mind. Admittedly she has a plethora of 'blond moments' and that is an insult to every natural blond. To make such a statement and prove its validity one would have to know each and every blond woman in the world.

Ms, Hegeman lacks such an understanding of the United States Congress that she cannot grasp the distinction between a House bill and a Senate bill. See How Our Laws Are Made. For example, HR 249 was not an addendum to HR 503. HR 249 was new legislation drafted with the intention of reinstating the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro act of 1971. This legislation was gutted by then Senator Conrad Burns via an amendment to the FY 2005 appropriations bill. The bill was over three thousand pages, and none of our Senators or Representatives read all of that.

Her radio shows are available for streaming, however, I did not waste a lot of time downloading and converting Ms. Hegeman's .ogg files, and I listened to what I could tolerate. Her 'blond moments' with Dr. Temple Grandin were ludicrous. She might have heard of her in passing, and IF she actually read all of her books -- as she stated, Ms. Hegeman should have known Dr. Grandin's last name is not 'Gradin.' Ms.Hegemen refers to Dr. Grandin as a 'recovering autistic'! This is what we are dealing with here. One does not 'recover' from autism as some people recover from alcholism. This is the most bizarre waste of bandwidth ever encountered.

Not all of the shows will be posted, only those downloaded and converted are the episodes that deal with the legislation. For Ms. Hegeman's information, the United States Congress is located in the District of Columbia. Due to her complete and total lack of understanding regarding how our government works, it important to inform Ms. Hegeman of the central location of the United States Comgress. It is evident that she did not take a Civics course in High School.

We will start with Ms. Hegeman's interview with Dr. Grandin. It is interesting to note that Dr. Grandin always answers her phone and she will speak to anyone, lest Ms. Hegeman consider herself 'special.'

Dr. Temple Grandin: May 5, 2007

Here is yet another gem where Ms. Hegemen wants to discuss the BLM horses and burros but confuses HR 249 with HR 503. How this person can consider herself an 'expert' on anything is ridiculous as this 'show' proves.

We also cannot ignore Agritalk Radio. Agritalk interviewed Jim Sacia from Illinois who is attempting to repeal the Illinois state bill that banned horse slaughter. He states he is a horse lover and that slaughter is humane. He wants to keep horse slaughter in the United States because of the revenues the State of Illinois would gain. Next, in this episode from March 4, 2009, they discuss the animal welfare advocates as 'Extremists' who are attacking the global food chain. If 'Agritalk' is the 'voice of rural America,' I don't ever want to go there!

Manes and Tails Organization and John Holland have set up our own radio show. We will tell the truth, 'out' all of the liars and cheats, name names and force the USDA to enforce the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 by engendering public outrage. Due to the stipulations of this now 51 year old Federal statute, there is absolutely no method of slaughtering a horse, pony, foal, donkey or mule that can ever comply with the statute. This means it is a violation of a Federal statute to slaughter a horse, or his cousins, for any purpose whatsoever. Simply put, it is illegal and has been for 51 years. Yes, as horse rescuers, we have sound ideas about the overpopulation of particular breeds including American Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds and what must be done about that. We will dicuss this on our own program.

Give the analysis of the HSA of 1958 a read here. If you prefer to listen to why horse slaughter for any purpose is illegal, listen here.

Our first show airs on Wednesday. March 11th, 2009 at 5:30pm Eastern Standard time. Please join us by listening using the window below, or participate by using the call in telephone number: (718) 664-6596 !

The link to our show is here!