Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Horses Discovered Dumped in Desert

KPHO Phoenix

Animal Dumping Becoming More Common In Down Economy, Horse Rescuer Says
Cara Liu
Reporter, KPHO.com

POSTED: 10:52 pm MST September 21, 2009
UPDATED: 11:11 am MST September 22, 2009

NEW RIVER, Ariz. -- Two dead horses were found dumped in the desert in the New River area.

The animals were spotted by a CBS 5 News photographer.

Rescuer Holly Marino from the Horse Rescue of North Scottsdale said the problem is becoming all too common due to the bad economy.

“People can’t afford their utility bills. They can’t afford food or house payments. They’re cutting back in all ways,” said Holly Marino.

Marino said the rescue group receives dozens of calls a day, mostly from people who’ve hit hard times and can no longer care for their horses. A number of calls are from folks who discover dead or dying horses in the desert or forest.

“It’s horrible. I don’t think anyone should dump their horses and let them die a long, slow death,” said Marino.

Marino added that rescue groups like hers can help.

“Get help for your crisis. Don’t let animals suffer,” said Marino.

The news photographer who spotted the horses called the Arizona Department of Agriculture, and was told an investigator had been dispatched to check it out.

Calls to the Arizona Department of Agriculture late Monday afternoon were not returned by deadline. It is unclear whether the state will remove the carcasses or whether nature will be allowed to run its course.

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