Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Starved quarter horse rescued near desolate animal-dumping site

Arizona Daily Star

By Andrea Rivera
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 12.23.2009
A grisly animal-dumping site was discovered this week after a rescue group received a tip about a female horse clinging to life in a deserted area on Tucson's southeast side.
Judy Glore, of Happy Equine Acres Rescue and Therapy, and other people found a red American quarter horse on Monday after the nonprofit horse-rescue organization received a tip about the animal wandering the desert near South Swan Road and East Old Vail Connection Road.
Glore and other rescuers found two dead horses — one covered in a blue tarp — and several dead dogs, including a pit bull, a pug and puppies.
"As soon as you get out of your vehicle, all you smell is death," volunteer George Roach said of the site's stench.
The rescued horse, who now goes by the name Milly, is being boarded at HEART of Tucson's east-side ranch — where close to 20 other rescued horses also are housed.
Milly, who Glore guesses is about 8 years old, was in fairly good health Tuesday, aside from being severely emaciated.
"You can see every one of her ribs and her hip bones," said Glore, founder and president of HEART of Tucson.
The horse will be weaned back into eating, and her medical needs, such as an injured back leg, will be addressed, Glore said.
Discarded animals were left up and down the road where Milly was found, Glore said.
"It's pretty desolate out there, and I can see how people can dump animals out there and not be seen or caught," she said.
Officials from the Pima County Sheriff's Department visited the site Tuesday to investigate animal abuse and cruelty. The animals appeared to have been dumped after they were dead, said Deputy Dawn Barkman, a Sheriff's Department spokeswoman.
Still, it's illegal to dump animals, Barkman said.
The Sheriff's Department put in a request to have the animals removed by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Barkman said.
There are options for families that lose a beloved pet.
The Humane Society of Southern Arizona offers animal cremation services that start at $65 for cremation only and $135 for a private cremation and the return of the animal's ashes.
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