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From Front Range Equine Rescue

*Stop over-breeding, irresponsible breeding, backyard breeding*

*License stallion owners; a “nominal” fee can help deter irresponsible breeding practices*

*Promote responsible breeding; quality over quantity; demand must exceed supply for market values to rise in good and bad economic times*

*Increase brand inspection fees and use funds for low cost gelding and end of life (humane euthanasia via a licensed vet) programs*

*Strengthen cruelty statutes and ensure enforcement*

*Connect animal control officers with qualified rescues and other horse professionals for impound/seizure assistance*

*Develop horse related businesses to take in former slaughter bound horses (therapeutic riding centers, riding academies, guest ranches, trail riding organizations, equine assisted therapy programs, youth camps, etc.)*

*Increase # of riding qualified instructors and trainers to take on re-training of former competition horses*

*Encourage non-horse owners to become part of the horse industry (participate in horse related events, sponsor programs, job creation)*

*Develop quality intern/apprenticeship programs to work with horses (domestic & wild)*

*Develop more equine studies programs to bring more people into the horse industry and programs which utilize horses in appropriate ways*

*Support and develop more programs like Front Range Equine Rescue’s “Stop the Backyard Breeder” and “Trails End” programs*

*Improve tracking of stolen horses and prosecute offenders*

*Educate new, existing, potential horse owners on responsible horse care*

*Provide community hay banks, feed co-ops for both good and bad economic times*

*Educate on re-homing of horses (safe advertising, networking)*

*Develop businesses which offer burial/cremation services*

*Educate on injury prevention and rehab services to improve a horse’s chance to return to work, even modified*

*Develop prison and community service programs to help with re-training of horses (i.e., off track, mustang programs)*

For Every Horse Sent To Slaughter, There is One Less Customer For:

Hay, grain, supplements, vet and farrier services

Wormer, fly spray, leg wraps, protective boots, blankets

Tack (saddles, pads, girths, stirrups, leathers, reins, bridles, bits, etc.)

Apparel & Accessories (boots, riding pants, shirts, jackets, helmets, etc.)

Trucks/trailers and accessories

Horse property, fencing, corrals, barns, shelters, arenas

Pest control products, shavings, stall mats, muck rakes/carts

Buckets, feed pans, hay racks, tack racks/trunks

Boarding facilities, riding academies, instructors, trainers, clinicians

Breed association and registry membership/renewals, riding clubs

4-H, Pony Club, trail associations, horse hotel/overnight facilities

Horse shows, competitive events, educational clinics

Grooming supplies (brushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner, hoof care products, etc.)
And so on…




An innovative program designed to discourage over breeding and irresponsible breeding of horses. Not every horse needs to be bred. Program is national in scope.

Partial reimbursement offered to horse owners for gelding stud colts and stallions. Provide itemized copy of vet receipt showing cost of surgery. Send to Front Range Equine Rescue, P.O. Box 307, Larkspur, CO 80118.


A program which provides 50% reimbursement for cost of humane euthanasia and if applicable, hauling fee (50%).

Trails End was implemented to prevent owners from disposing their very old, sick, crippled or otherwise ‘poor quality of life’ horses to auctions/slaughter, and to help during tough economic times. Program is national in scope.

Send copy(ies) of itemized receipts showing cost of euthanasia (and hauling) to Front Range Equine Rescue, P.O. Box 307, Larkspur, CO 80118.


Programs are applicable to all equines (i.e., horses, burros, donkeys)

Applicants can be individuals or rescues/sanctuaries all across the U.S.

If a burial fee applies for Trails End, check with us on availability of funding to reimburse a portion of the cost.

Reimbursements are based on actual line item cost of procedure, does not include costs of farm call or any other services.


Front Range Equine Rescue, P.O. Box 307, Larkspur, CO 80118

719-481-1490; fax: 719-487-9749

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