Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 former race horses left for dead in AZ

KPHO CH 5 Phoenix AZ

(Source: After the Homestretch) (Source: After the Homestretch)
RAINBOW VALLEY, AZ (CBS5) - From the Kentucky Derby to the Preakness Stakes, horse racing is no doubt popular in this country. But after their fame and glory is over, some former race horses are being abandoned in Arizona.
A mare was recently dumped in Rainbow Valley, south of Buckeye.
"We picked her up Saturday while the Preakness was going on," Danielle Marturana said.
Marturana started a horse rescue called After the Homestretch about a year ago just for thoroughbreds whose owners didn't want them anymore, but what she saw Saturday took it to a whole new level.
"This is unreal, she doesn't know how to fend for herself out there, there's no water, there's no shade trees," Marturana said.
She said the horse would have died had it not been found.
"She hasn't had enough to eat, her bones are sticking out," Marturana said.
It's the second retired race horse she rescued that was dumped in the middle of nowhere in just the past two months.
"The economy is one thing, people can't afford their horses, not having respect for horses, that's another thing," Marturana said.
The former race horses have tattoos on their upper lip that Marturana is using to help identify the animals' owners.
Click here to learn more about the horse rescue or to donate.

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