Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Equine Thanksgiving in January

Straight from the Horse's Heart

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

An Open Letter to the Advocacy

Thank you from our herd to yours!!
Thank you from our herd to yours!!
During the course of the week we constantly comb the internet for not only the very latest equine related news but also for something good, uplifting and encouraging to be able to share with you on our “Feel Good Sundays”.
I, for one, believe that we need at least one day of rest, one day to step back and a brief moment of peace away from the clatter and noise of the fight.  We need that day to recharge, regroup and reaffirm and there is no better day than Sunday to do that.
So today, I really did not have to look too far for good news, it pretty much fell into our laps and we can freely feel good, this day…and it’s pretty simple;
American horses will not be cruelly slaughtered for human consumption on American soil this year…done deal, full stop.  Rejoice.
All of the efforts of the sick, twisted and perverted throw-backs have been for naught.  They have lost, just as they always have and always will because they are the dank, dark minority and the brightness of the light will always over-wash them; they are in every sense of the word, LOSERS.
I will not darken the day by giving my opinion and abject analysis of those who live only to murder, maim and torture but be assured that they are a very unhappy lot, this day, as they have spent years with their mouths wide open only to find that orifice currently filled with their own boots.
But although we celebrate this great victory, the trucks still cross the border to our south and north with American horses both domestic and wild destined to lose their precious lives for no good reason other than to pad someone’s wallet.
Our work is not done, we have much to do…but today, make a toast.  A toast to each and every person who made a call, sent a fax, signed a petition, held a sign, attended a rally or simply told their neighbor about the plight of the American equine, to all of those people…I salute.
Each and every one of you are a bright light, a positive influence and a power to be reckoned with…I salute.
My hat is off, my bald spot is exposed and I raise my glass to each and every one of you…I salute.
Thank you, from the horses, for being you…I salute.
You are the best.
SALUTE and Keep the Faith.

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