Friday, March 19, 2010

Wyoming’s “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Gets a Dose of Red, White and Blue

Straight from the Horse's Heart

News commentary by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Family man and Veteran Nick De Laat Challenges the Evil Princess of Horse Slaughter, Sue Wallis, for her ample Seat

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – There is a fresh wind blowing across the State of Wyoming; from over the mountains and across the prairie the breeze is carrying a whisper of change and the fragrance of new life and regeneration.  That change may be in the form of one Nick De Laat, Navy veteran, blue collar worker and a family man dedicated to making a change in a country and state where things have gone “bad wrong”.  Mr. De Laat is challenging bloodied Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis for her State House seat in Wyoming’s 52nd district and with his energy and pure conviction he just might make the infamous horse eater go away.
With only $380 in his pocket, honorable Navy veteran Nick De Laat, his wife and 3 year old son boarded a Greyhound bus in Grand Rapids, Michigan to head out west, to Wyoming, in an effort to be part of the unemployment solution instead of being a part of the problem.  Several short years later Candidate De Laat owns a nice home, has two cars paid for and two more children while he lives the American dream that you can progress and improve your life as long as you set your mind to uplifting yourself and those around you.
During a recent interview with “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” (SFTHH) reporter R.T. Fitch, Mr. De Laat mused, “I got out of the Navy at the wrong time, things were bad for the economy but the Navy proved to be even worse for a family man.  I wanted better and the only way for “better” to happen was to go where the work was and Wyoming was calling, so we moved west.”
Reminiscent of tales titled “Move West Young Man” Mr. De Laat has bettered himself and extends the offer to assist others from economically challenged areas to do the same.
“I open up the doors of my home to assist friends and family from back east to come and find work.  It’s here and I will help any way I can to ensure that able bodied Americans earn a living if they are interested.”
Mr. De Laat’s care and compassion extends far beyond the people of his country and new found state;  Nick also reaches out to animals in need.
“Every dog that this family has cared for has been one that we adopted from the local pound.” Said De Laat. “I am shocked at my opponent’s stance on horse slaughter as the act of killing horses to eat goes against the grain of what I support.”
“I am not aligned with Rep. Wallis’s arguments on the issue of “unwanted” horses and would tend to believe that responsible breeding and shelters would be the proper way to manage any issue of horses in need.”  stated De Laat.
“It’s time that we get this country back on track and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to run for office and, hopefully, to make a difference.”
And the strength of the clean breeze freshens.

(To learn more about Nick De Laat’s effort to unseat “Slaughterhouse” Sue click HERE)



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