Saturday, December 25, 2010

Horse slaughter: An unpalatable truth (AU)

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When the demand for horsemeat ends, so will the industry that supplies it, says Vivian Grant.
The article excerpted below is thoroughly researched and expertly written. It talks about horse slaughter in Australia, and gives important insight into the people who send horses to their deaths in a slaughterhouse.
While you or I may hate them and what they do, there is quote from a trainer that “it’s a dirty business but someone’s got to do it.” Yes, right now, somebody does.
We can blame the breeders, the trainers, the owners, the doggers (called killer buyers in North America), and the butcherers themselves. But what about the people who eat horsemeat? What about them? When are they going to be singled out and held accountable for the barbarous act of horse slaughter? It is after all their appetite for horsemeat that really drives this cruel and sickening trade.    MORE...

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