Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wallis/Duquette Press Perversity to the Limit

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Horse Rescues Solicited for Horse Meat, Hide, Hair, You Name It!!

The unethical and renegade Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her profanity spewing handyman Dave “Doink” Duquette have now crossed the line and are actively sending unsolicited emails to reputable horse rescues in an effort to persuade them into joining their cause of killing, eating, tanning and exploiting every single component of a companion horse’s body. The email is inserted below but I highly recommend that you avoid reading it, in detail, if you have an aversion to lies, deception and flat out B.S….not to mention if blood turns your stomach. This despicable duo has gone over the top as any rescue that would ever become involved with this alleged “project” would never, ever be able to lift it’s head amongst the league of benevolent equine non-profits that labor in this country.

More information will be following but this stupidity simply has to be exposed for what it is; pure, unadulterated crap…and one thing is for certain, “Doink” surely did not write this as he has yet figured out how to utilize spell check and it is rare, if ever, that he can complete a paragraph without several low-life expletives being inserted (cuss words, Dave) Can you imagine spending your life’s precious moments in an effort to leave such an insane and bloody legacy for your children? Shameful, absolutely shameful.

Grab the barf bag and buckle up your seat belt as listed below is the spam that has appeared in REAL rescues inboxes:

P.S.: These are the sort of people that the Obama Administration’s Director of the BLM, Bob Abbey supports!!

To Whom It May Concern:

A RESCUE and REJUVENATION program of the United Horsemen’s Unified Equine System has been created to care for “unwanted” horses and give them a chance to become “wanted,” healthy and happy.

The Unified Equine System is a holistic system that is designed to provide a solution to the problem of excess domestic horses in the United States.

The United Horsemen seek to help horses and owners in any situation. People may donate equines they are not able or willing to keep, at any of our satellite rescue centers planned for multiple locations in the U.S. The horses will immediately be examined by a veterinarian.

If they are in good condition, and potentially useful, they will be sent to the Rescue Program, a collaborative effort with college and university equine programs and private horse trainers to train, re-train and market horses.

The Rescue Program may also be a good option for trained, dependable older horses who are no longer needed or wanted in their current situation. Once evaluated by professionals, and wherever possible, these horses will be placed as kids’ horses, or provided at little or no cost to therapeutic riding programs, and other equine nonprofit purposes. If appropriate, they may be sold to riding schools, trail riding businesses, or other such enterprises.

Lack of training can be a significant factor in a horse becoming “unwanted.” The Unified Equine Rescue Program is an ideal place for untrained, but potentially desirable, horses. The Rescue Program connects untrained prospects with capable professionals and student trainers, giving these horses the best chance to succeed. This element of the Rescue Program is set up with the breeder and owner in mind – people unexpectedly hit by the downed horse market and who now may not be able to afford training.

Horses in poor condition will be placed in the Rejuvenation Program for extra feed, care, and supplementation, until they are healthy and ready for re-evaluation.

Pregnant mares, foals, yearlings, and weanlings will be put on pasture until ready for re-evaluation and placement. Mares may also be provided to university equine reproduction research programs.

The Unified Equine System will also offer an incentive program, paying bonuses to owners and/or trainers who are successful in competition with horses that came from the program.

Because the Unified Equine System is organized by horse industry professionals, horses can be evaluated and placed as show prospects, ranch horses, therapeutic riding horses, rodeo bucking stock, and much more.

Owners who donate horses to United Horsemen, a non-profit, 501c3 organization, will receive a 100% tax-deductible donation receipt.

For horses that have lived past their useful life, are unsound, un-trainable, or otherwise not suitable for re-homing, a humane system of slaughter will be utilized. Equipment and management practices approved by Dr. Temple Grandin will provide a quick, clean death with a minimum of stress and pain. Horses will be handled humanely and respectfully, employees will undergo proper training, and the facility will be monitored to prevent mishandling and abuse.

Every part of the horse will be put to good purposes, from providing nourishing, high quality meat to the hungry and to those who choose to buy it for their tables, to zoo diets for big cats and other carnivores, to canned pet food. Horse hide is very valuable as rawhide and as leather. Otherwise unusable parts will be rendered to essential oil and byproducts. Some parts can be used for both human and veterinary medicine. Even the hair can be used.

Horses entering the system that are not appropriate for either the Rescue Program or the Processing Program will be put on pasture until their status changes. This would primarily be brood mares with baby colts, weanlings, yearlings, and horses who may have suffered an injury, will never be sound, but have been provided with veterinary medications that will need to be held for an appropriate withdrawal period before being processed.

The Rescue, Rejuvenation, and Slaughter Programs are complemented by the Equine Assurance Program, an industry-driven assurance program to address both animal welfare issues and food quality and safety issues through licensing, certification, and training; as well as the Horses for Humanity Program, which is specifically focused on using horse products for charitable purposes where horse meat can be provided to the hungry, or be contributed as pet food to nonprofit animal shelters. The National Do Not Slaughter Registry provides extra assurance to those who do not ever want to see their horse processed.

If your horse rescue is interested in working with our program, please contact Sue Wallis at or (307)680-8515, or Dave Duquette at or (541)571-7588. While no one really cares to think about horses getting processed, the reality is many horses are suffering far worse lives and deaths than a quick, humane death could ever be. Please help us help them through our realistic system that will end unnecessary suffering.

Dave Duquette
Executive Director
United Horsemen

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