Wednesday, December 15, 2010

URGENT- Action Alert - Barrage Senators To Oppose Increase of $12M for FY11 Broken WH&B Program

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

All WH&B Advocates and Friends -

The House of Representatives has waged war against America's wild horses and burros by passing their FY11 appropriations bill last week which included an additional $12M for the Program to warehouse another 10K+ WH&B in FY11.
The House has fallen for BLM's continued whitewashing of all the Program's failings, the latest strategy being two watered-down reports circulating around Congress to sway them to keep throwing money down the drain:

1) Independent Designated Observer Pilot Program Final Report October 2010 and
2) DOI OIG Report on the BLM WH&B Program, C-IS-BLM-0018-2010 December 2010

We must pound on all of the Senate starting right now as they are poised to vote on their version of a spending bill this weekend or early next week. This is most probably the last chance we have on behalf of our WH&B for FY11.

Please go to the following link and easily click and send your email to your Senators. Just go down to bottom of the page, enter your zip code and your email will be directed to your specific Congressional reps.

You can add additional language to your note, i.e., Don't increase long-term holding contracts to ten years. This provision will guarantee WH&B will never be returned to their legal Western home ranges where they belong.

Please try to send an email every day until the Senate votes on their version of the spending bill, probably some time before Xmas. Daily phone calls to your Senators would also be helpful. Please be professional and civil in your communications with DC. Also, forward this email to everyone on your email list and get it out on FB, websites, etc.

America's WH&B thank you for trying to save them from being managed to extinction.

For the wild ones, Carla B

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