Saturday, December 4, 2010

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Fawns over Pro-Slaughter BLM King Pin

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Sue Wallis Caught in Her Own Lies to Misguided Federal Official

From the Deceptive Queen of the Horse Eaters;

Director Abbey,

I wanted to personally let you know how much we all appreciate your willingness to join us in Las Vegas for the Summit of the Horse. Your agency’s work is so important to the overall picture. We look forward to hearing about your efforts to create realistic and sustainable solutions to the problems surrounding the management of wild horses on federal lands.

I also wanted to make sure that you understand that the program is designed to address two separate and very distinct problems in the overall picture. Misinformed activists are doing their best to cloud and obfuscate, so I wanted to let you know, directly from us, what our vision is and what we hope to accomplish.

First, we want to bring reasonable people from various viewpoints to the table to discuss calmly and rationally the challenges around the management of not only wild horses on federal lands, but the serious problems with feral horses on tribal, state, and private lands where these horses are not under federal management. As I’m sure you are aware, the problems there are just as dire, actually more so, because tribes, states, and ranchers don’t have the luxury of calling on the taxpayers to foot the bill.

Secondly, a number of separate efforts are being developed in Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming to restore humane and regulated horse processing for the domestic horse industry. This is needed to provide a viable option for horse owners in regards to the disposal of excess and unusable horses. While I cannot speak for the other efforts, I can assure you that the plant we are building in Wyoming has absolutely no intention, never have, and never will of processing BLM horses. There is huge pent-up demand in the domestic horse world since the Pickens financed HSUS drive that shut down the U.S. horse processing facilities in 2007, and we will only be processing those horses that are provided by owners who fully understand that they are going to be humanely processed for zoo diets, pet food, and other useful products.

While there is some interrelationship between these two objectives, they are quite distinct. Therefore the first afternoon of our program, where you are our keynote speaker is organized around the theme, “Healthy lands/Healthy Horses—Restoring ecological balance to federal lands, controlling excess and unwanted feral horses on state, tribal, and private lands,” while the other blocks of time scheduled during the Summit primarily address issues within the domestic horse industry.

Thanks again. I look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas.


Sue Wallis, Vice President
United Horsemen a 501c3 educational and charitable nonprofit dedicated to the well being of horses and horse people

Caught in her own LIE, below “Slaughterhouse” speaks out of turn at BLM workshop and states that slaughter IS the answer to the alleged wild horse issue. When you are a pathological lair it is difficult to keep track of what you lies you are telling.

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