Sunday, June 24, 2012

Action Alerts - Calls Needed Mon, 6/25, & More to do this Coming Week for all Horses

WH&B Warriors - We can't let up. Please take these following actions:

1)  The Ag Appropriations Bill is to be voted on Tues, 6/26, by the complete House. Call your House rep Monday, 6/25, & urge them to keep the Moran Amendment that defunds USDA horse slaughter inspections in the bill & vote for it that way. Oppose any amendment that would allow taxpayer dollars to subsidize horse slaughter in the U.S. Then send them an email. Complete details here:

2)  The Farm Bill is now in the Senate. Unfortunately, the House passed the Farm Bill which included the 'Grazing Improvement Act'. This is NOT GOOD.  Call/email your Senators now to OPPOSE the 'Grazing Improvement Act' portion of the Farm Bill. Ask them to add an amendment in SUPPORT of the "Rural Economic Vitalization Act" (REVA). Complete details here:

3)  Get your comments in for the Triple B Complex Bait/Trap Proposal by this Thurs, 6/28/12. Ask for proof of the population on the range, ask why BLM is not developing/ensuring water sources for the WH&B in their care, ask how water/bait trapping will be transparent to the public, in addition to your other comments. Go to this link for details:

Please forward this email to your lists & post to blogs/groups/FB.

America's horses thank you, Carla B

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