Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hardin County Woman Takes Crusade to Protect Wild Horses to D.C.

KBMT 12 News


Bryan Rupp, 12 News

A Hardin county woman took her fight to protect wild horses all the way to Washington D.C.

Tracie Thompson recently went to the nations capital to try to change the methods in which wild horses were being rounded up.

The Bureau of Land Management uses helicopters to round them up.

According to Thompson, the horses are sometimes hit in the face with wooden paddles or restrained with ropes around the neck.

She also wanted to object with the BLM's management options.

"The methods they use for rounding these horses up is something that even the most cold hearted person would probably look at and go, that's just crazy" said Thompson.

The Bureau of Land Management strongly disagrees.

It said the goal is to preserve and protect wild herds.

According to the BLM around 12,000 horses are scheduled for round up next year.

Some of those will be adopted while others sold.

The remaining horses will be placed in long term pastures which are paid for by tax payers.

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