Saturday, October 17, 2009

Montana’s Horse “Butcher” invents new definition for “Red” State


Straight from the Horse's Heart 

by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”

Where is the "Horse Sense", here?!?!?
Where is the "Horse Sense", here?!?!?

Montana’s “honorable(?)” Ed Butcher is not content with simply being dipped in horse blood and dubbed the Ringleader of one of the most ornery gangs of GOP thugs in the entire United States.  Heck no, he attempts to carry it a step further and show the good people of Montana just how much he really loves the All-American color of RED by actively soliciting and inviting the communist Chinese to build illegal businesses in  Montana.

The voters of Montana are still seeing the angry color after the self-proclaimed equine expert and politically incorrect politician rammed an impotent and useless bill down their throats opening up the door for the construction of outlawed horse slaughter plants in their fair state.  And he was not content with just throwing open the barn door for every type of sleazy foreign businessman in the world to waltz into Montana, and try to make a fast buck by killing American horses for human consumption in foreign countries, no, that was not enough.  He virtually took away the rights of any sensible Montana resident to protest such construction by requiring the protester to front a bond that would have to represent a sizable chunk of the entire protested project.  Gosh, how sweet is that in our wonderful land of the free?
But now, with all of Ed’s magical shades of red dancing before our eyes, he throws in another hue that really just knocks our boots off; he wants to invite Communist China to move on into Montana and start killing off horses for food, which is against Federal law.  Gosh, Montana has gone from being the land of beautiful mountains and wide open skies to becoming a pocket of perverted politics and a hot bed for Communist expansion; you gotta love this guy.
We published an article about this atrocity several weeks ago in hopes that it would help in muzzling this buffoon, but no, he continues to push the local newspapers into publishing his tripe under the guise that it is news when in all actuality it is simply public documentation pointing straight for his ouster; he has GOT to go.
How can any state, in this Union, allow an elected official to pass laws that attempt to usurp standing federal law, laugh in the face of his constituents and then actively solicit foreign companies to build in his state under false pretenses?  Let alone invite the Reds in, isn’t anyone paying attention?  It’s bad enough that Republicans are leaderless and devoid of a platform but this untethered bulldog has ruined and will forever tarnish their name if they don’t cut their losses and let this dog go.
And “Red Ed”, do you read the newspaper?  This little tidbit hit the wires yesterday…yes, it has multi-syllable words in it and it might take you a while to digest but give it a shot.
On Oct. 8, 2009, the United States Senate passed the final version of the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 (H.R.2997). The House of Representatives approved the bill the previous day. This bill provides funding for the USDA for fiscal year 2010 and contains a provision that might be of interest to both you and the voters of Montana who will probably be calling for your removal, soon.
The bill contains a provision prohibiting any funds, again, from being used by the USDA to inspect horse meat for human consumption. While there are currently no plants operating in the United States that process horses for human consumption, this bill effectively bars any such plant from operating in the U.S. for fiscal year 2010.
This bill will now proceed to the President for his approval, which is expected.”
Guess what, “Red Ed”, you wasted all that time and all that taxpayer money to pass a dead bill that is not only against the law but laughs at and mocks the very Federal laws that you vowed and swore to uphold.  Kind of makes your actions and conduct appear to be somewhat, ahhh…errr…mmmm….suspect, illegal, criminal?  Help me; I am searching for the right word, here.
But don’t fret “Reddy Eddie”, word on the street has it (in fact you quoted it) that the Reds have several eating establishments in the Northern Provinces where they serve up your favorite dish “Fillet ‘O Filly” every night and for you they are prepared to grant a discount.
So enjoy your Flicka Fillet, hope it gives you heartburn (oh, that would mean that you would have to have a heart, sorry, my mistake).  We know that you will be ordering it “rare” as red is your favorite color…and with any luck, you will be seeing a lot of it, very soon.



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