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Wild Horses in Winds of Change Film


Wild Horses in  Winds of Change is now available on DVD for private and public screenings.

This Documentary tells the story of how America’s wild horses are lawfully protected but unlawfully managed by the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program.   The Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act says they are to be managed as free roaming and integral part of the land they are presently found free roaming.  Now…….
as thousands of wild horses and burros are rounded up from their free roaming life on the range, tensions run high for their future.
With close to forty thousand wild horses and burros discarded  in long term warehousing, the time for solutions is critical. Experts in the field challenge the current management system and the non-scientific myths and biased views about the wild horse. Despite the current crises for the horses, this film is a journey of beauty into the meaningful presence of America’s mustangs on public lands  and in our lives.
Summer 2011 Press Release. Wild Horses In Winds of Change, by Filmmaker Mara LeGrand, Skydancer Productions.
Wild Horses in the Winds of Change Seeks Healing Solutions
New Documentary About America’s Wild Horses Invites Everyone to Get Involved
Mara LeGrand proudly announces that her award-winning documentary Wild Horses in  Winds of Change is now available on DVD for private and public screenings. This visionary film is a soulful portrayal of America’s wild horses facing extermination. It is by turns heart breaking and heart warming, and challenges many common belief systems the average viewer may hold.
Can we help stop the myths, lies and betrayals surrounding the brutal helicopter roundups and warehousing of these noble, sensitive creatures? Do human beings have the resources and heart to find inspired solutions? Beyond that, can we develop a new paradigm for managing all wildlife, including the mustangs?
Yes we can, according to LeGrand, “….if people are willing to adjust that old guard way of thinking and not give in to despair along the journey. It’s as much about ecological issues we need to solve, as it is about the plight of our wild horses and our attitude of dominion over nature.”
Wild Horses in  Winds of Change calls upon us to be guardians of the natural world. We will need to care deeply, because understanding Nature, in particular the wild horses, will require all of our skill at giving and receiving trust and respect.
“The film artfully portrays the broken spirit in the eyes of the wild horses, but also reflects a broken spirit in ourselves that truly needs healing.” Photographer Tony Stromberg says, “As we help our wild brethren, we are also helping ourselves.”
To arrange an interview with Mara LeGrand, book her keynote speaking for your event, or to order a copy of the DVD, visit:
About the Film Maker:   Mara LeGrand, PhD. is an award winning photojournalist, screenwriter, and film director. She brings wisdom from her international career in holistic health to her films and offers compelling presentations to accompany screenings. Wild Horses in Winds of Change is LeGrand’s third film. Her mission is to call people to action for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.  Press Release submitted by Carol Upton,  Dreams Aloud Productions.

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