Saturday, November 3, 2012

Breaking News: BLM Plans Covert Elimination of NE California Wild Horse & Burro Herd

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Posted: November 3, 2012 by R.T. Fitch
Tortured Twin Peaks Wild Equines Will Be Zeroed Out by BLM
photo by Craig Downer
Reeling from violent helicopter stampedes and a range fire allegedly allowed to burn by the BLM the remaining native wild horses and burros of Twin Peaks will be removed by the out of control Bureau of Land Management (BLM) using the pretense of an “emergency” which allows the feds to side step current legal actions and circumvent required public comment.
Twin Peaks is California’s largest wild horse and burro herd management area (HMA) weighing in with over 800,000 acres where the federally protected wild equines have been in the cross-hairs of the BLM for the past several years while private cattle and sheep are allowed to destroy the eco-system.
According to reliable sources Ken Collum, Field Manager for Eagle Lake BLM (530)-252-5374, verified that an “emergency” plan had been submitted because of the recent Rush Wildfire on the HMA and are only waiting for the official response. It is the intent of the BLM to stampede, capture and remove (never to be returned) 600 WH&B from the Twin Peaks HMA.
Recent exhaustive studies by wild horse and burro advocates indicate that there are no where near 600 wild horses on the HMA and this action, allegedly required by the very fire that BLM allowed to burn, would zero out the last remaining wild equines on the HMA.
Of additional concern is that during this past week’s meeting of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board it was publicly stated that the BLM has run out of space for warehousing wild horses and burros on private land, versus leaving them on their rightful public land, while the BLM has been exposed for selling horses to kill buyers for slaughter in Mexico and Canada. Advocates are rightfully concerned that not only will dozens of family bands lose their freedom and unity but also their very lives are at risk.
Within hours of the discovery of the BLM’s intended actions angered Americans called out to their political representatives in an effort to halt the destruction of this beleaguered wild horse herd and have planned proteststo focus public attention on the BLM’s ongoing assault upon the very animals that they are charged to protect.
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