Tuesday, November 20, 2012


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Winston Churchill

"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." -  John Wayne       

Two quotes from two great men.  They say it all, warriors and horses. When this duo first encountered each other, the two species became powerfully linked.  The video shows a story about wild horses, just as the song is titled.  This is what our campaign is about, the beautiful American Wild Mustangs, a true warrior of their own kind as well as all the true American warriors returning from the battlefront.
Greetings!  My name is Tanya.  I am 53 years old and I currently reside in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Growing up in a small town in Texas I was around horses every chance I got. At the age of 10, my grandfather bought me a Shetland pony.  The first time I sat down in the saddle, she bucked me off.  My cousins had horses so I had opportunities to ride with them.  Basically, I wanted a horse of my own and every opportunity that came along to ride I would.  Finally, at the age of 21, I bought my first horse, Beauty. 
I graduated from Baylor University with a BA and MES in 2004 at the age of 48.  In 2006 I moved to Flagstaff, AZ.  My journey has led me to this amazing place!  I completed 2 years of service with AmeriCorps.  I was given the opportunity to do my service at a local nonprofit organization, working in their adult education program assisting individuals in preparing for the GED.  I also have experience in Behavioral Health.  I worked as a Behavioral Health Technician III in a group home for adolescent boys that have been diagnosed with various behavioral/mental health issues. 
These are my two passions:  horses and working with individuals suffering with various behavioral/mental health issues.  Now, with your help, I would like to combine these two passions and create Warriors Helping Warriors. Read more at link below.

Link here.

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