Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fallon Slaughter

Over the weekend, wild horses were sold to kill buyers for slaughter, something which is against the law.

(Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971)

PLEASE stay up to speed with what is happening, and share with everybody you know. We are going to need an ARMY.

Several things you need to read.

A Slick In The Night


The dirt from Fallon: FIve or six mares were ripped away from their mothers on Saturday and sold in a group and the scared and grieving babies were sold separately. We got most of them I think....thanks to my dear and wonderful new friend Chris Fairbanks that won the bids for them. It was heartbreaking watching them cry for their mothers in a very horrible and scary auction ring. It would have made the most strong of people break down in tears. Then we had to watch the mares come in as a whole group...six or so I think and Zena the kill buyer won the bid...she shipped those mares without one chance for them to be saved by anyone. In fact she told me she shipped them that very night. Those babies were crying their eyes out the next day when we moved them off the lot and to their safe spots.....and the auction staff said we were inhumane because the TRO stopped the other 140 or so from selling...hello people those 140 horse would be in trucks to slaughter right this minute because we bought and save every single horse we could with the private homes, rescues and large private good hearted and amazing people that made a huge difference in this sad and disgusting show of greed and soullessness. We watched horses hurt beyond imagination run around and sold for meat. We know that 50 horses that they forced into trailers had broken legs, hips and piece of their shoulders and other large fleshy parts hanging off their bodies. those horses never made it to the auction and because they were of no value were most likely shot too. Two mares were killed by fighting and they lost the battle and their babies orphaned they were still in need of milk. A baby was kicked in it's head by a violent interaction and he was shot and killed. His mother was hurt and she is the black mare with a very damaged foot. My guess is that one shipped already. So, this was what those of us that were there saw and more. We were called names by the horrid woman that worked in the office of that auction. She was working hard and just started yelling at us as we were trying to get the horses in the name of all of those that paid for them. She only wanted to sell to kill buyers. She had the nerve to tell me that they were a great asset and played a role that was needed I said, "What to send horses to slaughter?" She told me nobody there was sending horses to slaughter. It was all I could do to not take her out back and beat her to a bloody mess. So, I told her she was lying and the she told me it was a service and horse just had to go to slaughter. This was not the only parts that were so horrible for all of us....the horses there sad and soulful eyes...there pleads to us to save them...the Stallions....those beautiful and powerful stallions....don't forget..those horses were just a way for those Indians to make a little money of the hanging meat price. Now we are dealing with emotional blackmail by the kill buyers that have horse that we want to you think that we can get the Safe Bill passed friends? Shut these people down....take a stand and make history about stopping this for the horses.

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