Sunday, September 1, 2013

Extraordinary Wild Mustang Journey from Patagonia to Alaska Concludes

Straight from the Horse's Heart

“Once again the light of ‘Feel Good Sunday’ is upon us and it is our distinct pleasure to share with you a personal letter that I received this week. 
Here at SFTHH and Wild Horse Freedom Federation we are hell bent on saving the last few native wild horses and burros from the morally bankrupt federal agency, the Bureuo of Land Management (BLM).  We are animatedly opposed to violently removing native, wild equines from their rightful land versus managing them on the range as even simple common sense would dictate.  But in all the clamor and all the drum beating we often forget the few shining bright stars that emerge triumphant from the BLM’s flagrant abuse and failings…and those bright lights are the horses themselves.
Many fine folks have adopted BLM abused wild horses and found them to be a stout and sturdy steed.  Perfect temperament, strong feet and outstanding endurance but today we share with you the opening chapter of a story that we will be following and sharing with you; an epic journey, a statement to the fortitude and stamina of our wild equines…I am both honored and humbled by the personal invitation to share this epic horse trek with all of you.
As most of you are aware, Terry and I have beat ourselves up with “extreme” horse treks across Outer Mongolia and Tibet over the past several years but what we did pales in comparison to what is presented here so please wet your collective appetites on the letter below and we are in and will maintain contact with the parties involved so that we can share with the advocacy the positive influence that our great American Wild Horses are sharing with world.  Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.
To: R.T. Fitch – President, Wild Horse Freedom Foundation
From: CuChullaine O’Reilly – Director, The Long Riders’ Guild
Subject: Extraordinary Mustang Journey from Patagonia to Alaska
CC: German Long Rider Guenter Wamser
Dear Mr. Fitch,
Long RidersMy name is CuChullaine O’Reilly and I am writing to you from the
Long Riders’ Guild, the world’s international association of
equestrian explorers and long distance travellers.
With Members in forty-five countries, every major equestrian
explorer alive today belongs to The Guild, including Hadji
Shamsuddin of Afghanistan, who recently rode a thousand miles
through that war-zone, Jean-Louis Gouraud of France, who rode
3,000 miles from Paris to Moscow, Claudia Gottet of Switzerland,
who rode 8,000 miles from Arabia to the Alps, Adnan Azzam of
Syria, who rode 10,000 miles from Madrid to Mecca, and Vladimir
Fissenko of Russia, who rode 19,000 miles from Patagonia to
At two-thousand plus pages, and still growing, and having now been
visited by more than three million people world-wide, The Long
Riders’ Guild website is the repository of the largest collection
of equestrian travel information in human history.
I am writing to you today so as to alert you to the fact that an
extraordinary journey has been accomplished with the help of BLM
Guenter Wamser is a Founding Member of the Long Riders’ Guild, a
talented author, and a fine photographer. He is also rightly
considered Germany’s most important living equestrian explorer.
The latter fact is based upon the extraordinary journey he has
undertaken from the bottom of Patagonia up to Alaska.
The first portion of the trip was done using two Criollo geldings.
Having reached the Texas border, American authorities refused to
allow the horses entry because they were found to be infected with
After finding his horses a good home in Mexico, the Guild helped
Guenter locate BLM American mustangs to continue the trip. These
horses had been trained in Colorado by prisoners in a special
training programme.
Those mustangs have now carried the German Long Rider to the top
of Alaska!
Because the Guild has assisted Long Riders to complete journeys on
every continent except Antarctica, I seldom comment publicly on a
particular mission. However I have stopped my work so as to
contact you, as I believe the implications of this unique journey
might be of tremendous help in terms of re-homing BLM mustangs.
By using Criollos from the Pampas, and Mustangs from the Plains,
both parts of Guenter’s amazing journey have been done on native
horses which originated at either end of the Americas. These great
horses have turned out to be extraordinary examples of how good,
strong, affordable native horses are so well suited for equestrian
During his many years in the saddle, this German Long Rider has
literally ridden thousands of miles. Yet his treatment of his
horses has always been of paramount importance. He has never
rushed them, abused them or over-ridden either the Criollos or the
Mustangs. That is why even though his BLM mustangs have travelled
thousands of miles across some of the world’s most challenging
terrain, Guenter’s horses are all in superb condition.
Guenter is therefore a great example of how an ethical equestrian
traveller can overcome all kinds of dangers and challenges, all
the while remaining true to his horses and protecting their
interests. And having assisted hundreds of equestrian explorers, I
can say with conviction that if there is a modern “hero of the
mustang,” which represents both North and South America, then Long
Rider Guenter Wamser has earned that honour!
He is, in a word, a fine example of the equestrian ethics which
the international Long Riders’ Guild strives to promote.
Guenter is currently in the back country of Alaska, which has left
him temporarily out of touch with the internet.
However he is due to conclude his journey very soon.
When he does, I believe that the news of such a historic journey
should be shared with the world, especially the supporters of the
American mustang movement.
I have attached an example of the many beautiful photographs
which Guenter has taken of his horses and the journey.
In closing, I hope that this brief note finds you well.
Kind regards,
CuChullaine O’Reilly FRGS

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